Top 8 Reasons To Buy A GPS Running Watch

Purchasing a GPS running watch can make your running experience so much more efficient and enjoyable as it allows runners to completely track and monitor their progress every step of the way. You may ask yourself, “do I really need a GPS running watch, I can track my own progress, can’t I?” Well a GPS running watch cannot only track and provide vital stats about your workout but can also keep you focused on achieving your goal.

Setting yourself goals and objectives are how you can overcome obstacles put out in front of you. If you want to take running seriously, buying a watch for running is the perfect training tool to help you improve. Read on for top 8 reasons to buy a GPS running watch.

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Top 7 Fitness Activity Trackers

So you finally made the decision to get into shape. Congratulations. Now you want some tools to keep you focused and help you get there. There are useful tech products available that will help you without the expense of buying a smart watch. Fitness activity trackers are extraordinary devices because they allow you to think about what you are doing.

No one ever thinks about the steps it takes to go to the bathroom or the difference it makes to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Not only that but they will help you set a bedtime and reminding you to get to sleep at the same time every night right up to the minute. Imagine what you can do if reminded that 20 more steps will help your fitness goals even more. Read on for the top 7 Fitness activity trackers.

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Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch Review

We look at the Polar V800 Multisport GPS watch, which is designed for multisport runners, triathletes and endurance athletes. This makes the device suited to professional and devoted athletes that are going to want to get their hands on. There is a reason for this and it’s because the device allows them to reach their peak performance and that’s what all great athletes think about. Read on for the Polar V800 multisport GPS watch review.

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Adidas Smart Run GPS Review

Today we look at the Adidas Smart Run GPS running watch, which can be as effective as having your own personal trainer. The Adidas Smart Run is more than a simple an activity tracker as it replaces the need for a strapped heart rate monitor but also features GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Read on for the Adidas Smart Run GPS review.

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Garmin Forerunner 15 Review

Today we briefly look at the Garmin Forerunner 15, which is the latest edition to the budget GPS range. The Garmin FR15 builds on the previous Garmin FR10 model, which now features activity tracking. Read on for the Garmin Forerunner 15 review.

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Top 10 Accessories for Running After Dark

With a hectic schedule, many people find time to run either in the early mornings or late in the evenings. Depending on the time of the year, this can mean running in the dark. While training during the day is recommended, running gear companies across the country realize that this is not always a reality.

As a result, there are plenty of running accessories that can help to keep runners safe while running at night. Read more on the top 10 accessories for running after dark.

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Top 9 Running Apps for 2014

Whether you are looking to train for your first 5k or run your tenth marathon, there are a large number of running apps available to help make your journey a little bit easier. From iPhone to Android, running apps log your time, distances and even provide training programs. Such apps are designed to help runners of all levels achieve their goals. Read on for the top 9 running apps for 2014.

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Top 10 International Running Events for 2014

Running is an international sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all backgrounds. When it comes to running, individuals gather from around the world at a number of events that most runners can only dream of participating in one day. From Australia to New York City, runners from around the world participate in some of the most prestigious and most unique running events to make memories that will last a lifetime. Read on for the top 10 international running events for 2014.

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10 Best US Cities for Runners

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Runners from around the country have long debated which US cities is the best to live in or travel to if you are a runner. Which cities have the best trails? The best atmosphere? The best races? The best clubs? If you are looking to lace up and hit the ground running in a new city, read more on the 10 best US cities for runners.

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How to Avoid Treadmill Running Injuries

If the rain is pelting down or you find yourself surrounded by a foot of snow, the treadmill in your basement may prove to be a very reliable tool. For avid runners or those in the process of training for a big event, a treadmill run is often a suitable replacement to help stay on track with a training program. Read more on how to avoid treadmill running injuries.

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Top 10 Sunglasses for Runners

Sunglasses can do more for runners than just cutting down on glare from the sun. Sunglasses are also very important in protecting the eyes from harmful UV rays. You likely would not go outside for a run in the sun without lathering up with sunscreen. Therefore, don’t forget the health of your eyes as well. Read more for the top 10 sunglasses for runners.

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