Top 5 Running Apps

It’s pretty common for runners to use and run with many available gadgets such as sports watches, MP3 players and smartphones. If you prefer running with a smartphone and want to train and improve your cadence rate, you’ll be happy to hear there are many apps available. Read more for the top 5 running apps to improve your cadence rate.

The following some of the top running apps currently available to help runners train and improve their current cadence rate.

Top 5 Running Apps for iOS and Android

1. Cadence Trainer for iOS ($0.99)


Cadence Trainer

The Cadence Trainer for iOS is primarily designed to help runners and cyclists improve their overall performance. For runners, the app helps by increasing running cadence to help improve form and reduce the risk of long-term injury. For cyclists, the apps helps by improving your cadence while on the bike by helping cyclists to avoid “mashing” up the high gears. This helps avoid lactic acid build-up in your body and burns more fat, while helping to maintain a constant level of cadence.

Some of the settings the app allows you to adjust include the frequency rate, tones and volume of a metronome. The app is pretty straight forward to use and is suitable for beginners to competitors in triathlon and ironman competitions.

2. Cruise Control: Run for iOS ($4.99)


Cruise Control: Run

As a runner, there are probably only a handful of songs you like to listen to, because the music tempo matches your preferred running style or speed. With the Cruise Control app for iOS, the tempo of your songs can automatically be adjusted to match your running cadence from your music library.

The app can in real-time control your running form and helps keep you on track to hit your target pace, heart rate, or cadence rate. The app is great as it can synchronize the beats of your music collection with your footfalls. The app also features four running modes such as free run, pace, heart rate and cadence.

3. Record Beater for Android (Free)


Record Beater

Record Beater for Android is another app that is similar to Cruise Control: Run app for iOS. The app can automatically detect your running rhythm and plays music with a beat to match your running footsteps. This is great for ensuring the beats from your music syncs with your cadence.

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Some of the features the app includes are automatic syncing with your music to your running steps, auto-cadence detection, interval training, training programs for 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathons, GPS tracking and voice feedback.

4. Running Cadence for Android (Free)


Running Cadence

Running Cadence is a simple app for Android that allows runners to train and achieve a fast and steady running cadence. The app can automatically detect how many steps per minute you are running at and also gives real time voice feedback during your runs. This is useful for guiding you to keep running on your target cadence.

Apart from the auto-cadence detection and voice feedback, the app does not contain any other advanced features. The app is simple and easy to use, which most runners will probably appreciate and best of all, it’s completely free to download from the Google Play store.

5. Map My Run for iOS and Android (Free)


Map My Run

Available for iOS and Android, the Map My Run app is designed to help runners, joggers, and walkers to easily track their routes, pace, distance, calories and times. The app basically allows you to create a visual map of your running route using your smartphones GPS.

The app contains a lot of features to satisfy most runners including GPS route mapping, real time stats (distance, pace, calorie, times) and can also be synced with external running sensors to provide heart rate, speed and cadence rates.

What are your favourite apps for running? We’d be interested to hear what apps you use to train and improve your cadence levels.

  • Jesper

    You should also try out Runner Drummer for iOS. It’s definitely my favorite to keep my cadence. I always use it. This app plays professionally recorded dance drums and percussion sounds with exceptionally accurate audible beat timing. It’s really easy to use and some of the sounds are high pitched, which is useful for exercising without the use of headphones

    • Diesel

      Seriously – why don’t you write on here that you are the app developer? no one would care. It is when you decide you want to promote your app acting like you just stumbled upon it that people get annoyed.

      • GB

        lol, busted

  • I’ve used runzi as a cadence counter.I set to update me every km on cadence, pace distance and impact. Works in background of my music so not too in your face. Nice list of readings post run as well.

    • Hi John, thanks for the comments. Glad to hear the app is working well for you 🙂

  • Rus

    Great thread here! Also tried both: running and race walking, first used Nike’s running app, but as the years went by, I realised ti has serious problems and it doesn’t fit my needs. now I use SportMe
    and I’m super happy I’ve found it, since it’s not promoted so broadly.

    • Thanks for the share. Looks interesting. How does SportMe compare with other popular running apps?

      • Rus

        It integrates an accurate GPS tracker, audio cues, a personal trainer, plus allows you to create and adjust trainings for marathons, half-marathons, etc.

  • Sergey Burnashev

    I met Runzi for Android today and I was hungry for measuring my cadence w/o any external sensors.
    +) Highly customizable voice feedback and very pleasant voice tone ))) But it speaks out “Nine Nine” instead if “NinetyNine” though.
    +) Ability to use the accelerometer as the cadence sensor. A lot of phones have the feature.
    -) Using the accelerometer requires the screen to be always on, the accelerometer itself seems to be hungry for energy, alltogether (runzi, screen, music player ) made my Galaxy 4S extremely hot. Might be my phone’s prob though, it has issues. I’ll dig the Settings and try again.
    I use the Android app , it seems to be the most stable and accutate, runs super with the screen off, no heat, stores the workouts locally, but I also upload my results to because if its imho interesting system of analysis and competitions. Thanks.