TrailMix Pro App Review + Promo Code

If you’re one of the many runners that prefers to run with an iOS device such as an iPhone or iPod Touch, you’ll probably know there are many apps available that can help with your running routine. Today we review the TrailMix app, which claims to be the world’s first fully automatic step synced music player that can help runners.

Read more for the TrailMix app review plus a special promo code to download TrailMix Pro version worth $4.99 for free.

What is TrailMix?

Trailmix-AppTrailMix is a free app or $4.99 for the pro version that provides automatic music syncing when you are running or walking. The idea is when you are walking or running and listening to your favourite tunes, the app can automatically detect and adjust the beats of your songs to match the tempo of your strides or steps.

For example, if you are running fast, the tempo of your music will speed up to match your steps and if you are running or walking slow, the tempo of your songs will also slow down.

So why is this important? It has been scientifically shown that synchronising your stride lengths to match the tempo of your music can allow you to run longer and further, increasing endurance by as much as 15%. The body loves rhythms and matching your stride lengths with the tempo of your music can make running more efficient. So if you want to improve your running efficiency and endurance, TrailMix might be the app for you.

How TrailMix works?
1. To start, you pick a song and TrailMix will determine its tempo
2. The app automatically detects the pace of your footsteps using the accelerometer sensor built into your iPhone
3. TrailMix will then remix the song to match your current pace

TrailMix App screenshot

1. Automatic beat detector to detect the tempo of your songs
2. Can track the pace of your footsteps using your iPhones built-in accelerometer
3. Can set your own preferred custom tempo (pro version only)
4. User-friendly interface with large buttons. This is useful while you are running
5. The pro version also features magic shuffle that automatically picks the best song, unlimited playlist capacity and enhanced stats.

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1. The free version can contain annoying ads
2. Setting custom tempos only available on the pro version
3. Limited playlist capacity on the free version (Up to 20)
4. Some runners may find the $4.99 price tag expensive for an app

TrailMix is certainly an interesting app that claims to be the world’s first fully automatic step synced music player. There’s no doubt that the body loves rhythms and running in sync to something can actually help improve your endurance, allowing you to run further and longer.

If you’ve already tried running with a digital metronome, you’ll probably realise that running to beeps is not as interesting as running to your favourite songs. In a nutshell, the app brings the benefits of synchronising your stride lengths while listening to your favourite songs while improving your endurance.

TrailMix Pro Giveaway
The guys at Resonant Technologies who developed TrailMix have been kind enough to offer the first 10 lucky readers to download the TrailMix Pro version for free, worth $4.99.

Just follow this link to get your promo code to download the pro version on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Remember, only the first 10 readers can download the pro version using the link and they will expire on Sunday 22nd September, so be quick. Alternatively, you can download the free version here.

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Do you run with TrailMix? What running apps do you use? Share your feedback or comments below.

  • A good thing about TrailMix Pro is that you can use it in conjunction with other proper sports tracking apps like Runtastic. Just run both at the same time and it works well, so you don’t have to miss tracking your data as you normally would. I wrote as well recently explaining how I do that.

    • Hi Gabriel,

      Thanks for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed using it.

      Do you still use app when you go for runs? If not, what other apps for running do you recommend?

      • Yes, I still use it. Mostly on short-fast runs when I want to maintain a high pace for a short distance (usually under 40 mins) I use it with the Cruise Control feature where you set the BPM up front and it makes all songs match it. I also use it on long runs the normal way.

        For mid distance/time runs, I’ve been using Zombies, Run. I’ve found it very entertaining for 45m to 90m runs. I also wrote a review of that one here:

        I use Runkeeper every time to keep my stats in one place and track progress. With TrailMix, I just launch them both at the same time. With Zombies, Run I’ve linked the accounts, so I just have to use Zombies and it sends the data to Runkeeper.

        I’ve tried a bunch of running apps (I actually enjoy trying new ones and writing about them), but only these 3 have stuck so far.

      • Agghh… I wrote a very lengthy reply yesterday but not sure what happened. Anyway, here’s a condensed version!

        Yes, I’m still using TrailMix Pro. I use it mostly for either short-fast runs where I want to maintain a fast pace (using the Cruise Control feature), or on longer-slow runs where I know I can’t maintain a constant pace (hills, getting tired, etc.).

        For most mid runs (45m – 90m) I’ve been using Zombies, Run. I’ve found it really entertaining. I also wrote a review here:

        And with both, I use Runkeeper (previously Runtastic) to keep my stats. Zomibes, Run links directly and with TrailMix I just run both at the same time.