10 Funny Running Stories

Being a runner can sometimes have its perks. You get to do a workout while being out there, one with nature. It can be about exploring new things if you like to run in the park or through a forest. It might be a comforting venture if you enjoy taking the same route every day through your neighborhood. Everyone has a favorite place to go while they run. Read on for the 10 funny running stories

10 Funny Running Stories

What you may not know however as a runner is that every day can be completely different then the next. Just when you think you are going on a normal every day run just like the day before you stumble upon something that you never thought you would.

The team here at Running Metronome have collectively been running for many years. The stories that we have seen and heard throughout the years while running will have you peeled over laughing. It can be strange or funny or just downright unbelievable but it makes the journey of running that much more enjoyable and exciting.

funny running stories clown

Funny Running Stories

Below are just some of the funning running stories we have experienced or heard of other runners while out on a run.

1. Animals Will Sometimes Approach You
If running in nature is a normal thing for you then you might be able to relate to this story. Though sometimes we find it humiliating to tell. On one such running excursion, we happened to come upon a baby deer. At first, the sight of it shocked us and we was not sure what to do. But to our shock and dismay, it started to chase after us. Unsure of what the baby deer’s intentions were, we turned to run away. We screamed and the baby deer stopped, gave us the sad eyes and then ran away. In retrospect, it probably just wanted to hang out although it did make us want to run faster.

funny running stories baby deer

Have you ever encountered nature while running?

2. You Might Stumble Upon Some Things
One time during a mountain jog, we stumbled upon two people skinning dipping in a lake. We assure you that we were far more embarrassed about the situation then they were and quickly got out of there as soon as I could. And no, we didn’t see anything interesting.

3. Sometimes a Crisis Can Happen
A friend of mine was doing a day run when she happened to run by a hair salon that was on fire. The woman that owned the salon was pulling things out of her place including a couple of cats. My friend was able to call the fire department on her phone. It was the last thing she expected to do while going for a run.

4. Nature at it Again
As if a baby deer wasn’t bad enough, a cow once chased a friend of ours when she was running down a country trail. It was the last thing she expected when she turned around and saw a massive cow lumbering along the trail behind her. She had to pick up her pace to outrun the cow because she wasn’t sure if it was a friendly cow or not.

funny running stories cow

Never disturb animals while running

5. Frogs Are Early Risers
During one of my morning runs, I often like to take a route that goes around a park that has some ponds. During one such venture at 6am, I went by a pond and was almost bowled over by the sound. I could have sworn there must be a hundred frogs in that pond judging by the sound. I couldn’t see the frogs but you could sure hear them from a mile away.

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6. Marathon Smokers
During one particular marathon that I ran that was about 50 miles, there was one individual that I kept seeing consistently throughout the run. To my amazement, he would stop every 10 miles or so and light up a smoke. He did it for the entire marathon. I couldn’t believe he even finished it considering how much he smoked.

7. Broomstick Twirlers
Once when I was out running, I came across a man that was taking a walk. To my amazement he walked with a broomstick and he was twirling it the entire time. It was the funniest thing I had seen in some time.

8. Morning Sex
A friend of ours religiously runs in the mornings. Well one particular morning, she was running through a public park and stumbled on two people having very early morning sex on a bench. To say that she was embarrassed for herself as well as them was the understatement of the year. She tried to run as fast as she could away from them while they struggled to dress quickly.

funny running stories sex

It’s getting hot In herre

9. A Bull Stand-off
I knew this guy that told me once that when he went on a run in the country one time that he came across a bull behind a fence. He didn’t think much of it until the bull became agitated from his running. The guy felt fairly safe because the bull was after all fenced in. To his shock and amazement, the bull tried to jump the rather impressive barbed wire fence to get at him. When that failed, the bull just tore down the fence instead. Terrified, my friend found himself in a face-off with the bull in the middle of the road. He wasn’t sure if the bull was going to attack him or not. But in the end the both of them just ran away from each other.

10. Smoking Joints
There was a time that I used to run by the train station in the mornings and at that time it had to be about 5am when I did so. The funniest thing that I used to see was the investment bankers that were waiting for the train in the morning. They would all gather together and smoke joints before they got on their morning train to work.

What funny things have you seen while running? Share your funny running stories with us in the comments below.