10 Reasons to Love the Nike GPS Sports Watch

Whether you’re an amateur or professional runner, using a GPS sports watch for running can seriously help you improve and track your running progress. One of the popular GPS sports watches currently available today is the Nike GPS sports watch, which combines Nikes knowledge in sportswear and TomToms GPS technology. Read more for 10 reasons to love the Nike GPS sports watch.

Nike GPS Sports Watch

When we recently reviewed Nike+ GPS sports watch, we loved the slim and stylish design but it doesn’t just stop there. The GPS sports watch is also packed with many useful running features.

If you’re looking for a stylish watch that is packed with many features for running, you should consider the Nike GPS sports watch. Here are 10 reasons why you would love the Nike GPS sports watch:

1. The Nike Sports Watch features a slim and stylish design that provides a clear easy to read display. Most runners would agree that having a clear display makes it that much easier to read your statistics while running in any conditions.

2. The watch is very easy to use and set up enabling runners to instantly strap on the watch and go out for a run.

3. The built-in GPS unit developed by TomTom provides accurate running statistics and as long as you regularly update the satellite locations on the watch, you can enjoy running in or outdoors.

4. You can easily customize the display to show what you want such average pace, distance or clock etc.

5. Again, the GPS connection by TomTom usually connects instantly, allowing you to focus on running.

Nike GPS Sports Watch

Nike SportWatch GPS Distance Tracking

6. With the built-in rechargeable lithium, the Nike GPS Sports Watch provides up to 8 hours of run time and 50 hours of standby time.

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7. You can monitor and track your running times, distances, pace and calories burned while being able to view mapped routes using the website, which connects you to a whole community of runners.

8. The sports watch features a “Personal Coaching” program that helps keeps runners motivated and you can set reminders when to run.

9. Staying on the motivation topic, users can join the website where users can join online challenges and connect with fellow runners to share and view popular running routes. All of which can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

10. The wristband of the sports watch also functions as a USB connector so you can easily charge, sync and monitor your running statistics on your personal computer.

Nike GPS Sports Watch

Ready for another run?

To find out more about the GPS sports watch by Nike, you can read our Nike+ SportWatch GPS review.

What are your reasons for loving the Nike GPS sports watch? Share your reasons below.