10 Reasons to use a Digital Metronome for Running

Whether you have heard of a digital metronome before or not it’s something that you should look into getting because it’s highly beneficial for a runner to have. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner runner or if you have run a hundred marathons, using a digital metronome for running is something all runners should use. The great part about it is it can help you to run longer and faster. Read on for the 10 reasons to use a digital metronome for running.

10 Reasons to Use a Digital Metronome for Running

Using a digital metronome for running works by helping you train in a constant pattern, one that the body instantly recognizes. By doing this, your running becomes easier and you improve quicker.

A lot of runners don’t know much about digital metronomes but it can be an extremely useful tool to help you to track your stride and monitor it for progress. You can see how long or short your strides are and how that effects your overall accomplishments.

Seiko DM50S Clip Digital Metronome

Seiko DM50S Digital Metronome

A digital metronome provides a series of tempo beats and if you follow those beats while running you will not only improve your technique in running but your progress overall will improve. Believe it or not but running in this fashion can prevent injuries and allow you to eventually run further distances at a faster rate of speed.

What Exactly is a Digital Metronome?
If you are a beginner runner, chances are you probably haven’t even heard of one but it’s something to consider to help you with your overall goals. There are a lot of benefits to having a digital metronome as a running tool.

A running metronome is a digital device that simply clips to your shorts or yoga pants. You take this little device with you when you go running. The device is designed to have you set up a pattern of beeps for your running routine. You can set it anywhere between 30-250 beeps depending on the workout you are going for. These work as your beats per minute. The goal behind this device is to keep you focused on the beats the device provides for you.

Reasons to Use a Digital Metronome
The digital metronome are actually pretty affordable devices and are well worth the money even for beginner runners. It would be a solid investment to take your running routine to the next level. The great thing about being a beginner with this device is that a digital metronome can actually improve your running technique. Not only that but it can improve the speed in which you run as well as the durability. Now that’s pretty impressive.

The digital metronome is great for encouraging new runners to constantly improve what they are doing. You can reach new goals with such a device that you hadn’t thought possible. The device does this by correcting the stride in which you run, tracking your stride rate and preventing injuries so that your overall experience as a runner is greatly improved. To put it simply the device helps you to run better.

Below are the top 10 reasons why owning a digital metronome would be a great investment.

1. It’s a Compact Device
It’s a small device and very compact. Which is ideal for runners because you don’t want something that’s bulky. You just clip it to your shorts and you don’t think about it again.

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2. The Clip-On makes it Handy
The clip-on design feature is ideal because you can literally clip the device onto anything, whatever makes you comfortable. It can attach to your shorts, shoes or even used as an armband.

3. Audio is Clear
When you have to listen to beats during running, you want your device to be clear and loud enough o hear. The digital metronomes are built so that the sound quality is perfect for runners to hear so that they can perfectly match the rate and stride length that is required. This is the way to improve you running technique. You also have the option of controlling the device’s volume by four levels.

4. The Device is User Friendly
The digital metronomes are actually very easy to use and when it comes to a beginner you won’t have any trouble navigating through the device. There are four access buttons that are so easy to figure out that you will feel like a master in no time.

5. The Device is Affordable
Especially as a beginner you might be hesitant to spend money on a device that you aren’t sure you will even like. The great thing about the digital metronome is that the price is always right. They are cheap devices that you can buy online and have shipped to you quickly. Most anyone could afford the device and since it’s such a benefit to your workout it’s an even better value for your money.


Seiko DM51 Digital Metronome

6. The Battery Lasts a Long Time
The digital metronome’s take just a single lithium CR battery and that battery will last up to 200 hours of use. That’s quite a bit of running time you can use up before you have to think about changing the battery. The batteries are easy to replace and are inexpensive as well.

7. A Device That’s Durable
Having a digital metronome on a run is a great tool to have but you also want it to last a long time as well. These devices are designed to be tough and durable so that if it’s accidently dropped on a run than your money is not lost.

8. Many Different Ranges
The digital metronome’s come with many different tempos for the beats per minute. The range goes between 30-250 beats, which gives you a ton of options. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a veteran runner you will be able to find the best tempo for your run.

9. Lots of Memory
The device remembers what your most recent settings were so that you don’t always have to start off from scratch. It knows where you left off during your last run so you can track your progress more efficiently.

10. It Has a Clock
It’s not hard to lose track of time when you are running and it’s best to always know how long you have gone for when tracking progress. The device features a digital clock so that you always have the time while you’re running.

Do you use a digital metronome for running? Share your comments or questions below.