10 Tips on How to Become a Better Pokemon Go Runner

You may be thinking why you would want to go running and be bombarded by zombies with phones? But that’s not the case at all; running can be made more fun by playing Pokémon GO. It’s a very popular reality game that causes people to wander throughout their neighbourhoods in search of digital creatures to capture inside of Poke Balls. You can get these at PokeStops throughout your city. Read on for our 10 tips on how to become a better Pokemon Go Runner.

We’d thought we write something a bit different and fun this week by combining the popular reality gaming app, Pokémon Go with running. What happens when you become the two? You become a Pokémon GO runner of course. To play the game, you simply have to catch all 142 Pokémon characters, or you can train and battle other people’s Pokémon’s in gyms.

10 Tips on How to Become a Better Pokemon Go Runner

Running can sometimes be tedious especially if you only do it for exercise. If you don’t have a natural love of running, it can be hard to get through it. So why not spice things up on your run by playing a little game. You can actually make a lot of progress in Pokémon GO because you are running. You use the GPS on your phone to track these digital creatures, and you can probably catch a lot of them while on your usual running quote.


Pokemon Go Charmander

For example, if you happen to do a 22-mile run, you are likely to capture up to 33 of the 145 creatures! Plus, you would also have time to visit up to 55 PokeStops. You can maximize your run quality while also having a little fun.

1. Make Sure You Watch Where You Are Going
Accidents can happen while searching for Pokémon’s. So don’t trip during your runs and don’t run into anything. You have to be sure that you can play the game safely or it’s probably not for you.


Pokemon Go local map

2. Practice Good Phone Etiquette
This has a lot to do with watching where you are going but also you want to try not to look like the walking dead while searching for Pokémon. You don’t want to irritate others while you are out on your run. Put your phone on vibrate while you are on your run or put headphones on so you can hear the alerts but not irritate others.

3. Charge Your Phone Fully Before Leaving the House
Like most games on your phone, an app like Pokémon GO will destroy your battery life before you get home if it’s not fully charged. Keep it charged so that the fun never ends.

4. Don’t Forget Your Out to Run
Unless you see a Pokémon that is truly something, then don’t stop your run to catch one. A great general rule is only to stop when you see a Pokémon that is new to you. You can still run at a steady pace while still capturing your creatures. If you can’t do that, then abandon them. Obviously, your run should be used for your exercise purposes; Pokémon GO is just a nice addition to that running. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your run just to catch Pokémon’s. You are a runner first and foremost; Pokémon capturing should come second.

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5. Don’t Use More Than Two Poke Balls per Pokémon
You want your distractions to be limited during your run. If you are constantly using Poke Balls, then you are going to get the most from your run. By limiting the usage of your Poke Balls, you will save your stash and be less distracted by your phone.


Pokemon Go Battle

6. Hold Your Phone Up When You Click On Pokémon
If you are about to catch your digital creatures, you will find in the top right corner of your phone an AR on/off switch. Turn the AR off and at that point, your phone will switch from camera mode to a still mode. This mode will make catching those pesky Pokémon’s so much easier, especially while running. By holding your phone up while catching Pokémon’s it will show up in front of you most every time. You may find that sometimes you will turn a corner and the Pokémon will be beside you or behind you if that happens just let those creatures go.

7. PokeStops Are More Important Than Pokémon
If you hit a PokeStop, they are a sure thing. It’s a simple process: you run by it, you spin your token, and you receive points and things. It takes more time and good aim in order to catch Pokémon. It can be done of course while running but why not do something easier if you have the chance. Don’t even bother to do the gym battles when running because you will always be out of range.

8. Run Through a Park or a Well Used Trail
Well, used trails and parks typically tend to be packed full of PokeStops. Obviously, areas that have the most traffic or are accessible by GPS will have more creatures and more PokeStops.


Pokemon Go Bayside Fountain

9. Areas Without Pokémon’s Will Still Allow You to Incubate Eggs
You have the option of picking up eggs while on your run. If you are in an area where you can’t get Pokémon, then you can incubate eggs. When you get eggs from PokeStops, they require an incubation period that occurs while you are travelling for about 2-10ks before they will start to hatch. It will happen a lot faster if you are running as opposed to walking.

10. Grab What You Can and Don’t Stress
There are going to be times that you miss a PokeStop or a creature but don’t stress about it. Grab what you can and try for more on your next run!

Pokémon GO is a great way to add a little fun to your run. It’s a great way to spice up your run while exploring new neighbourhoods and areas. Just be aware of the people around you and your surroundings so that you don’t end up running into people, or worse buildings. Focus on your run but keep an eye out for those Pokémon’s and level up fast while you run!

Where can I download Pokémon GO App?
You can download the Pokémon GO app directly from iTunes or Play store.

Are you a Pokémon GO runner? Share your comments or tips with us below.