16 Tips to Stay Motivated for Running

Whether you are someone who likes to get up at the break of dawn to run or someone who enjoys running at night, it can be hard to motivate yourself to actually do the running. Read on for 16 tips to stay motivated for running.

16 Tips to Stay Motivated for Running

Running is a sport for the dedicated, it’s not like lifting weights. As a weight trainer, even if you are having a lagging day, you can still manage to get in there, lift some heavy things and get on with your day. But running is very different because it takes some energy because you are on your feet moving continuously for an extended period of time.

Motivated for running

Need motivation for running?

It can be hard to be motivated to run all the time. But the truth of the matter is running has so many great benefits for you that you must keep doing it.

Below are some fun and inspiring ways to stay motivated to run.

1. Buy New Running Shoes
Nothing makes you more excited then to go out and get a brand new pair of running shoes. It just makes you want to go out and try them on for size. Whether you are all about esthetics or functionality getting a new pair of shoes will give you a reason to stay running. You can check some reviews of running shoes here.

2. Change Your Course
It can be easy to get in a rut of routine if you are always taking the same course when running. Change things up. If you are always running on the pavement, try a trail for a change or a dirt road to find a new adventure.

3. Discover Inspiring People
The next time that you don’t feel like running because you are tired, think of inspirational people like Emil Zatopek who won many Olympic gold medals in his day. He had an intense workout regimen that even included him running in army boots. On more than one occasion he went against doctor’s orders and competed even though he had a gland infection.

strong>4. Stop Timing Yourself
Instead of trying to talk yourself into going for that hour long run how about you leave the timer at home and just go run. Maybe you will run for 15 minutes or maybe you will do the hour but either way you will be out there running.

5. Try Out a Marathon
Having a specific reason to run or something to look forward to will keep you focused on your goal. It no longer becomes just a run you need to try to get through, it’s a positive goal to strive for.

Motivated for running marathron

Run in a marathron

6. Revamp Your Playlist
Refresh your music playlist by adding some new songs to get you ready for your run. Try adding these fun favorites to your playlist and get back to running:

– Break on Through by The Doors
– Gimme Shelter by Rolling Stones
– Come Together by the Beatles
– Cocaine Blues by Johnny Cash

7. Convert Your Calories
If you have been dreaming about that slice of pizza think of it in terms of calories. Burn 100 calories for every mile you run. If you run six miles that pizza is as good as yours.

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8. Try Suicide Sprints
If you are growing bored of the same old run every time, then try suicide sprints to shake things up a bit. Jog for 10 minutes and then run as hard as you can between two poles. Slow down your sprint until you get to the third pole then sprint back. Do that for a few times and you will be happy to go back to your normal running routine.

9. Stop Procrastinating
It’s easy to find other things to do instead of running. But those dishes can certainly wait until you return from your run. Make running a priority and stick with it.

10. Run During Your Lunch Break
By running during your lunch break you can get your workout well out of the way so that you won’t feel the need to bail on it after work when you’re tired from the day. Plus, running can alleviate the stress of the workday and give you energy to get through the rest of it.

Motivated for running marathron bridge

Run during your lunch breaks

11. Buy a Running Watch
By staying motivated to run you now have the excuse you need to go out and buy that running watch you have been coveting. Some fancier sports watches even count your steps for you.

12. Take a Friend with You
Nothing will motivate you more than to take a friend with you on your run. By having someone there with you it keeps you motivated and accountable for sticking to your goals. Plus, the company is nice when you go on a run. By motivating each other you stay on course.

13. Always-Set Goals
Don’t overdo your run, especially if running is a new thing for you. But always set goals for improvement. If you start by running 20 minutes a day, tack on 5 minutes every week until you are running for an hour. Or better yet have a distance goal; this is especially helpful if you are training for a marathon.

14. Get a Massage
There is no bigger motivation to sticking to your goals then treating yourself. Book a massage appointment for right after your run or even a day later and you will have every reason to feel good about keeping to your running routine.

15. Bring Your Dog
If you have a dog bring it along for your next run. Dogs love to go for runs and the exercise would be good for them. This way you will get your run in while spending time with your favorite pet.

16. Try Running in the Rain
This might seem a little unorthodox for you but it can be something refreshing and different, and just plain wild enough to work. If nothing else, it will invigorate you and make you feel alive. Just make sure you have more than one pair of running shoes for the next day.

There are lots of great reasons to stick with your goals as a runner. We all have our bad days where sticking to our workout just seems impossible, but the more you stick with it the harder it becomes to stop. Be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself. Use these tricks to keep you motivated.

How do you stay motivated for running? Share your tips with us in the comments below.