Epson RunSense SF-810B Review

Epson has frequently been introducing new watch models to the market in the last year. It’s a company that is normally known for its printers but don’t let that steer you away. They are also part of the Seiko Epson group, which is all about its watches. So now it makes a little more sense that they are into smart watches. The RunSense SF-810B is a high-end watch that runs about $299.99. Read on for the Epson RunSense SF-810B Review.

Epson RunSense SF-810B Review

The Epson RunSense is not considered to be a smart watch or an activity tracker. It is a GPS running watch that tracks distance and pace while measuring your beats per minute. It does this through the optical heart-rate sensor located on the back. It’s not a fitness tracker; the watch is designed for runners alone. So if you are a cyclist or a swimmer, then this isn’t the watch for you.

Epson Runsense SF-810B Side

Epson Runsense SF-810B Side

Although the watch includes an accelerometer it won’t measure your steps taken, calories burned or distance walked throughout your day. The accelerometer is used as a GPS substitute in order to measure your distance when the GPS signal is unavailable.

Although you can wear the watch all day, you probably won’t want to. It is a lightweight watch that has a strap and is known to be comfortable to wear. But it has a bulky body to it, so it can appear unattractive. The Epson RunSense can operate like a normal watch giving you the date and time, but it won’t give you all-day activity training. So it’s almost pointless to wear unless you are going for a run.

However, you can still wear it as a watch; it is water resistant of up to 5 ATM, which means you can wear it in a shower or in the swimming pool.

The display is always on although it does not have a touchscreen or any high-resolution colors. With a basic LCD, it can be read easily from outdoors, and it has a bright backlight to allow you to read it when running at night.

Heart Rate
Many watches don’t come with a heart rate monitor, but the RunSense has one. It can measure and monitor your heart rate during your workout, which is great if you are into interval training. It does come with a chest strap, but there have been claims that it is uncomfortable to wear, and many people don’t bother with them.

Epson RunSense SF-810B HRM

Epson RunSense SF-810B HRM

The results it delivers, however, are equal to that of the Polar chest strap, though at times, the RunSense needs a few seconds to get the right number.

GPS Issues
The GPS feature, however, is not the best on the RunSense SF-810B. Although the GPS accuracy was always on point, but trying to acquire a GPS signal can be tricky. You can often be outdoors waiting and waiting for a signal to pop up. At times, it can take up to two minutes to get a signal. There were times when the GPS would show a no signal, and we would either have to try again or choose to run without the GPS that day. Although there are many great features to the watch, the GPS signalling can be an issue at times.

The RunSense also had difficulty mapping out direct routes, but that’s also an issue many of the watches have as well.

Running with the RunSense SF-810B
During the days when GPS signalling wasn’t an issue, the SF-810B can be a great running watch. It’s not a complicated watch; it’s just a matter of pressing start and off you go. The watch always presents a lot of data. It has four customizable display screens and 35 different data points.

You can choose to display lap distance, average pace, speed, lap pace, distance, split time, calories burnt, heart rate, max heart rate, total descent, grade, estimate time, lap stride, lap steps and so much more. You can also switch between different display screens just by tapping the screen.

Epson RunSense SF-810B Review

Epson RunSense SF-810B

The Epson SF-810B includes both Auto Lap and Auto Pause features. The Auto Pause will pause the watch when you stop for a rest and Auto Lap will record lap data when you reach a specific distance. If you love interval training, it has features for that as well. The watch allows you to set the amount of reps you want during your workouts as well as distance, heart rate and time.

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Epson Run Connect App
You can retrieve your basic data from your runs by tapping on the Lap button. If you want more details on your run, you need to synch it to your phone and download the information. The Epson app, however, needs a lot of work. It’s one of the worst parts of having the RunSense SF-810. The Upload process is unreliable and very slow, and it also has many delays. You can use their website for a better experience, but it’s not exceptional either.

There is no automatic syncing to your phone either. The Vivoactive and the Forerunner 225 can automatically upload your data when you are near your smartphone, but the RunSense SF-810 requires you to press and hold the Lap button in order for it to sync to your phone. Then it requires you to upload each of your workouts through the app manually. It can be a time-consuming process and one that feels tedious. At times it can take up to five minutes to finish.

Positives of the Epson RunSense

  • Built-in optical heart rate sensor
  • Long battery life of up to 20 hours
  • Easy to see previous workout data
  • Bluetooth pairing support
  • Splash and sweat proof
  • Supports and can sync with various popular running apps

Negatives of the Epson RunSense

  • Menu system not intuitive compared to other watches on the market such as Garmin, Polar or Suunto.
  • Does not contain as many advanced features, as other watches on the market so should suit runners looking for a simple watch.


WidthMax. 44.5 mm
ThicknessMax. 14.12 mm
LCD Diameter28.2 mm
LCD pixels128 x 128
Battery life GPS offUp to 20 days
Battery life GPS onUp to 24rs
Battery lifeUp to 20 hrs
Battery life heart rate onUp to 40 hrs
Water resistant5 bar
History capacity400 laps
GPS SensorYes
Heart Rate MonitorOptical
LapManual Lap, Automatic Lap Distance, Automatic Lap Time, Programmable Lap
IntervalTime, Distance, Heartrate Zone, Programmable
Goal FunctionDistance, Time
LightAuto Light, Manual Light
AlarmDistance Alarm, Pace Alarm, Heartrate Alarm
Number of measurement screensUp to 4 screens
Selectable measurementsDistance, Lap Distance, Guide Distance, Pace, Lap Pace, Average pace, Speed, Split Time, Lap Time, Time, Guide Time, Calories burned, Stride, Pitch, Altitude, Cumulative ascent in altitude, Cumulative descent in altitude, Gradient
What’s in the boxCradle, Information sheet, Main unit, Quick Start Guide

What Other People Say About the Epson RunSense SF810
Excellent running watch especially for ultra events“Set up a little slow, but only do this once. Excellent GPS connect and accuracy. Data fields to suit all training types. Battery life is excellent will easily get through an ultra event. The mobile app is not the best but data analysis is good.” By Ricky63

Great running watch“Been very impressed with the SF 810 watch. Display is easy to read and very well set out. The tap feature is excellent while running to scroll through the screens of data. Not having to wear a HR strap a big plus, the heart rate monitor is very good and gives very accurate readings.” By Daniel196

A Welcome & Refreshing New Watch“With so many new and ever changing watches on the market why did Epson also take up this challenge? Why because they understand the customer. This watch was so easy and quick to change the data screens see the old activities and use. Couple this with a battery that seems to last forever then it’s amazing.” By Cackett

Video on Epson RunSense SF810

There are many great features to the RunSense SF-810 especially if you are an avid runner. But there are some issues with the watch that Epson needs to focus on. If you are a patient person, and you don’t mind waiting for a GPS signal, then the watch is certainly a great one when it comes to running features available on this model.

Give it a try and hopefully, there will be no issues, and you can run without any problems. If you are willing to spend a little more than looking at other models may be a better bet.

Where to Buy the Epson RunSense SF-810B?
You can buy the Epson RunSense SF-810B for RRP 299.99 directly from Amazon or Epson.

As always, please leave your comments and questions below.