How To Give 30 Minutes to Running

The number one excuse that most people probably give or use for not exercising is lack of time. Such excuses include school, work, family and other social commitments that usually keep people busy during the week. Running is one of the best physical exercises for physical and mental health.

While some trainers suggest trying to squeeze in workouts in your routine even if you have five minutes, we suggest you should give at least 30 minutes to gain maximum benefits. Not sure how you can do that? Read more for tips on how to give at least 30 minutes of your time for running.

How To Give 30 Minutes to Running

Below are some tips on how to give 30 minutes of your time to running.

30 Minute Brisk Walk
Pick a route that you can cover up in 30 minutes. It can be a semi-circle where you return to the starting point when your 30 minutes are over, or you can divide your time between two 15 minutes’ slots. Take 15 minutes to reach a point and the remaining 15 minutes to return from the point to where you started. Since it’s a short workout, you will have to incorporate warm-ups into the exercise. Start slow then gradually increase your pace as you move. When returning to the starting point, lower your pace.

The Lunch-Hour Workout
Before you go out and grab a sandwich, why not do a little workout instead. Go to the staircase and give yourself one minute to climb up the stairs. Take two minutes to get down. Repeat the exercise nine times. Set a minute or two to warm-up. Ask your colleagues to join you if you won’t want to look crazy.

30-Minutes, Three Times a Day
That may sound like a pain killer prescription, but it isn’t. If you can’t run for over an hour then why not divide your time into three different batches during the day. Have a 30-minute run early in the morning, run up and down the staircase during lunch and run around a soccer field or park in the evening. The change of scenery will also keep things fresh.

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Thirty-Minutes on Equipment
Choose stationary bike or treadmill, the latter being a better option and get those muscles in action for 30 minutes. When running on a treadmill, increase and decrease your pace every five minutes. This will ensure you get an intensive workout in short bursts. Treadmill is like a mirror as it gives real-time feedback about your speed, posture and cadence. If you are new to running on a treadmill, ensure to start of slow before gradually increasing your pace.

With 1440 minutes in a day, everyone should be able to find 30-mintues in their day go for a run. Physical exercise is the key to de-stressing, living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

How do you find the time to run? Share your tips below.