The Importance of Hydration for Running

Have you ever overheated on a run? The feeling that your face is burning and your head is pounding through your skull. For most people, it’s also impossible to continue running if your body feels dehydrated. If you run regularly, this has probably happened to you when you’ve run too far from home and having to walk home. Read more for the importance of hydration for running.

Hydration for Running

Most runners would agree that running is emotional and physically exhausting and rewarding. But in order to avoid the risks of dehydration, it’s advised to keep your body hydrated before and after a run. It’s always advised to either carry a water bottle with you or a few bucks so you can stop along the way and rehydrate if needed. Alternatively, you can get creative and hides water bottles in advance along your running path so you can always keep hydrated along your running route.

Dehydration can have serious and life threatening effects on your body. It can cause muscle cramping, horrible headaches, or even heat stroke. Heat strokes can lead to brain damage, organ failure or strokes if not treated immediately. Many runners have paid the ultimate price for their runs simply by not consuming enough water before, during or after a run. Don’t let a lack of hydration be the end of your running career!

Hydration for Running


You should start by drinking water or a sports drink during the two hours leading up to your run as well as making sure you drink plenty the day before you run. Your body starts to lose fluids as soon as you start so you need to make sure you are hydrated before you leave the house.

Hydration for running packs

Hydration Running Packs

It is also essential to replace your body fluids during your run. You should try to drink 6-8 ounces for every 20 minutes that you are running. Plan in advance to either bring water with you or have a place where you can pick some up quickly along your run. If you want to avoid dehydration and heat stroke, then you need to replace the sodium and electrolytes that you are burning off during your run by continuing to hydrate your body as you go.

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Proper hydration is necessary for better health in every aspect of your body even when you are not running. Water is the most accessible and inexpensive nourishment available and the benefits seem to be endless. Water improves your skin and it helps to flush toxins out of your body. Water is known to help reduce your risk of heart attacks and other cardiovascular diseases. Water also provides lubrication for your joints and muscles allowing you to run with less pain and injuries.

Water can also help you lose weight by aiding in your digestion process and helping you to burn more fat while you build muscle. It is probably the most recommended staple in any diet program. Staying hydrated for a run will increase the health benefits of your body while making sure you have what it takes to keep going. The risks of dehydration are too high for you to not take proper precautions so make sure you keep your body hydrated before, after and during your run.

How do you ensure to keep your body hydrated for a run?