Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review

Today we conduct the Nike+ SportWatch GPS review and see whether the partnership between Nike and TomTom have created a worthy GPS sports watch that runners can use to monitor and track their running progress.

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Nike+ SportWatch GPS Review

Nike+ SportWatch GPS review

Nike SportWatch GPS

First initial impressions of the Nike+ sports watch is that it’s a pretty good looking and stylish GPS sports watch. With the attractive green on black design, most runners wouldn’t be too embarrassed to wear this on their wrist while out on a run. With Nike specializing in sportswear and equipment and TomTom considered one of the leading manufacturers of navigation systems in Europe, it seems prefect for both companies to come together and release their version of a GPS sports watch for runners.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS review

Nike SportWatch GPS Distance Tracking

The Nike+ Sports Watch combines Nike+ shoe sensor to capture every step of a run with TomTom GPS technology, which allows runners to accurately track their running statistics and running route. Runners can also upload and share their running stats on the website where users can see their runs, find popular running routes, track goals and monitor progress. The Nike+ SportWatch allows runners to monitor and track their distances, pace, time and calories burned.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS review

Ready for another run?

One of the most important factors to keep runners running is motivation and one of our favorite features of the Nike+ sports watch is the personal coaching feature that allows users to easily set goals to keep runners motivated. You can also use the Nike+ challenges to keep yourself motivated and get custom training programs that helps runners prepare for a race or an event.


The Good Stuff
1. Slim and stylish design provides a clear display that runners can happily wear and see in most conditions.
2. The watch is very user friendly and easy to use allowing runners to quickly set up and instantly go out for a run.
3. Whether you like running indoors or outdoors, the TomTom GPS technology built-in the Nike+ sports watch provides accurate speed and distance information.
4. The GPS connection is usually very fast but it’s advised to regularly update the satellite locations to ensure the watch can quickly find satellites.
5. Users can easily customize display settings to display the most relevant stats such as clock, distance or average pace etc.
6. Runners can easily track and monitor times, distances, pace and calories burned while being able to view mapped routes via the website.
7. The Nike+ GPS sports watch features a rechargeable lithium battery that provides up to 8 hours of run time and 50 hours of standby time, which can easily be recharged via any USB port.
8. We love the personal coaching features of the Nike+ watch that helps keep you motivated and reminds you when to run.
9. To keep runners a little more motivated, users can also join online challenges and connect with fellow runners to share and view popular running routes. Such activity can be shared on Facebook or Twitter.
10. The wristband of the sports watch also functions as a USB connector so you can easily charge, sync and monitor your running statistics on your personal computer.

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The Bad Stuff
1. The Nike+ watch may be a little small for people who have big wrists as Nike only offer one type of wrist band size but in most cases, this watch should be suitable for most runners.
2. If you fail to regularly update the satellite locations, connecting to GPS can sometimes be slow. But with the convenient USB port built-into the wrist clasp of the watch, you can quickly connect and update the GPS information from your personal computer.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS Specifications
Color: Black and green
Dimensions: 2.3 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches
Weight: 2.2 ounces

What Other People Say About the Nike+ SportWatch GPS
“Perfect motivator for this amateur runner!” by N.Krumpe

“Does what it says and more and better… lovin’ it!” by Candy Beauchamp “CandysRaves”

“Excellent accuracy on pace and distance” by Nick Husson

“Great running watch” by C.Grier

“Great personal trainer… and looks good too!” by Tino T Munoz

Video On Nike+ SportWatch GPS

The Nike+ Sport Watch GPS is one of the best looking and stylish GPS sports watches we have reviewed that comes packed full of features that a amateur or professional runner can use to monitor and track their runs. The sports watch by Nike is very easy to use and set up and the GPS tracking provided by TomTom provide accurate speed and distance information.

Nike+ SportWatch GPS review

Ready for another run?

With the website, runners also get the chance to connect with a large community of fellow runners to view and share running information such as popular running routes, online challenges or training programs. All of which can be easily shared on Facebook and Twitter.

We loved the Nike+ GPS Sports Watch because of its style and features and if you are currently considering a high quality and functional GPS sports watch, you should seriously consider this watch by Nike.

Where to Buy the Nike+ SportWatch GPS?
You can currently buy the Nike+ SportWatch GPS from

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