Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch Review

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We look at the Polar V800 Multisport GPS watch, which is designed for multisport runners, triathletes and endurance athletes. This makes the device suited to professional and devoted athletes that are going to want to get their hands on. There is a reason for this and it’s because the device allows them to reach their peak performance and that’s what all great athletes think about. Read on for the Polar V800 multisport GPS watch review.

Polar V800 Multisport GPS Watch Review

At a glance, the Polar V800 multisport watch is a device that can measure every training session for you 24/7 days a week. It monitors your daily activity and can help you to understand the amount your training and how much recovery is needed. It won’t let you over-train as it lets you know when the recovery period is over. It sounds like a great product that can hep you to be where you want to be when it comes to training in multiple sports.


Polar V800 Black

The Polar V800 multisport watch features GPS that can track your speed, routes and distances. The device can profile your chosen sport to ensure you’re getting the most out of your training, which allows you to transition through multiple sports and times. The Polar V800 is a great device that can also provide your heart rate stats with the optional heart rate strap and pod.


Polar V800 in blue

The Polar V800 is waterproof in depths of up to 30m/100 ft. and is also compatible with Polar’s Bluetooth Smart running and cycling sensors. With such features, users can easily plan and organize their training schedules accordingly. Users can also sync to Polar Flow app, where you can plan, monitor and analyze your training.

Priced at approx. $499, the Polar V800 is available with and without the heart rate strap and is available in black or blue.


  • Black and white screen provides a high-contrast display, which makes it clear and easy to view stats
  • Accurate GPS unit that quickly finds and fixes on to satellites, which enables the watch to provide accurate speed, distances and routes
  • Extra long battery life provides up to 13 hours (continuous training) with heart rate and GPS or up to 50 hours (continuous training) in lower power GPS mode or up to 30 days in time mode.
  • Extremely durable with the scratch-resistant gorilla glass display, which is found on most smartphones.
  • With Bluetooth Smart, users can connect to Polar’s Bluetooth Stride Sensor, speed and cadence sensors or Polar Look/Keo power pedals.
  • For swimmers, the watch is water resistant and the heart rate monitor actually works (with the Polar H7 heart strap) in the water.
  • Vibrate alerts, which is handy for reminders and alerts
  • Users easily get analysis and insights on your training and recovery.
  • Tests to make sure that you don’t over-train through insight on your recovery status.
  • If you’re a cyclist, there is a function for power monitoring that can be used with the Bluetooth Smart power pedals.
  • Tough and durable Gorilla screen makes it scratch resistance, which is found on most smartphones.


  • Priced at approx. $499, the Polar V800 isn’t the cheapest GPS watch available
  • It doesn’t gather cadence from wrist like a lot of devices do.
  • It also will not pace indoors or on a treadmill as most other devices do as well.
  • No connectively support for Android phones
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Colors: Black or blue
Display resolution: 128 x 128
Battery type: 350 mAh Li-pol rechargeable battery
Battery life: Up to 13 h (continuous training) with heart rate and normal GPS recording, up to 50 h (continuous training) in GPS power save mode with heart rate, approx. 30 days in time mode
Watch accuracy: Better than ± 0.5 seconds / day at 25 °C / 77 °F temperature
GPS accuracy: Distance ±2%, speed ±2 km/h
Altitude resolution: 1 m
Ascent/Descent resolution: 5 m
Maximum altitude: 9000 m / 29525 ft.
Sample rate: 1 s in normal GPS recording , 60 s in GPS power save mode
Accuracy of heart rate monitor: ± 1% or 1 bpm, whichever larger. Definition applies to stable conditions.
Heart rate measuring range: 15-240 bpm
Current speed display range:
– (0-36 km/h or 0-22.5 mph (when measuring speed with Polar stride sensor)
– (0-127 km/h or 0-79 mph (when measuring speed with Polar speed sensor)
– (0-399 km/h 247.9 mph (when measuring speed with integrated GPS)
Water resistance: 30 m
Memory capacity: 60 h training with GPS and heart rate depending on your language settings

What’s in the box?

Polar V800 with heart rate
1 x Polar V800 training computer
1 x Polar H7 heart rate sensor
1 x Custom USB cable
1 x Polar V800 Getting Started Guide

Polar V800 without heart rate
1 x Polar V800 training computer
1 x Custom USB cable
1 x Polar V800 Getting Started Guide

What Other People Say About the Polar V800

Fantastic watch with excellent features!“What I love: GPS is quick (and accurate)! Transitions between multiple sports is easy. Pairing with other sensors is a breeze. I love that it tracks daily activities (steps, sleep)–very cool! It’s a data-geek’s dream. Seriously, this watch gives you so much data that you can slice and dice. I have small wrists (read: chicken wrists), and I wear it 24’7″. The weight and extra length on the strap took about a day to get used to, but now I don’t even notice it.”By araevg (IA, US)

Close to perfect“I’m very happy with the watch, the functionality, and particularly with the quick pick up time for satellites.” By J. Schmuecker

Fantastic fitness guide for improvement! – “I got this a few days ago and so far, the data is extremely accurate and reliable. Best of all the Polar products to date! Very impressive, no more guessing how fit I really am, or how good my recovery strategy is, how intense my training should be today or what my work to rest ratios are.” By VictorV (Chicago, US)

Video on Polar V800

The Polar V800 is probably one of the best multisport GPS watches currently available at the moment. With a pretty fast GPS that provides accurate speed, distances and routes and a heart rate monitor (Polar H7) that can be used in the water, the V800 is the perfect training device for ambitious triathletes, athletes and runners.

Priced at approx. $499, the price may put beginners off but the Polar V800 is definitely one of the best multisport watches to consider if you want to take your training to the next level.

Where to Buy the Polar V800?
Available from approx. $499, the Polar V800 can be ordered directly from Amazon, which includes free shipping.