Polar V800 Sports Watch – Everything You Wanted to Know

Early this year the Polar V800 sports watch was announced as the new multisport GPS watch. It wasn’t just a running watch it could be used for triathletes all over the world. It was said to be the new powerhouse of fitness watches that was coming out on the market.

If you are looking for a watch that can benefit you during multiple exercises, then this is the watch that you are looking for. We will dive into what makes this watch a great runners watch as well as look at the downsides to it, so you know both sides. Whether you are a first time runner or a triathlete this watch can be useful to you. Keep on reading to find out more.

Polar V800 Sports Watch

To start, the Polar V800 sports watch comes two different ways, with a heart rate strap or without. If you are going to buy the V800 for running, it would be best used for runners in general anyways. It’s very reminiscent of the RC3 but with a little more features. If you are looking for specifically a running watch them this would certainly be a great choice for you as well.


Polar V800 Sports Watch Black

What is Great About the Design and Build of the V800
There is very little that you could fault in regards to the build quality of the V800. It has a scratch resistant screen with metal buttons. As far as the watch itself the strap is rubber and very comfortable considering you would have to wear it for long periods of time. It does have a long face which some people may like or they won’t, it depends on personal taste. But the upside to the long screen is that it can be easy to read.

Overall the V800 is a slim watch that could be worn all day if you choose to. It’s comfortable enough that you can wear it easily underneath a shirt. It could easily be passed off as a digital watch so there is no real worry about fashion faux pas.

Polar V800 Sports Watch Black

Polar V800 Sports Watch

The watch itself is designed to show heart rate, distance, pace and laps. A downside to the watch however is the fact that you can’t modify the readout screen. You also can’t modify the home screen as well which is a confusing part of the design of the watch.

In order to see you results for distance, heart rate or pace on the screen you unfortunately have to setup the data pages ahead of time with the Polar V800 software. Part of the process is setting up the things that you want to be able to view while your out on a run. It can be a tedious part of the process so it might not be the watch for you if you aren’t into having to setup your activities ahead of time. The upside to it however is that your activity page will be personalized to yourself when you have it finally setup to your liking.

As a Runner’s Watch
In order for tracking to be active on the V800 you need a GPS signal. Acquiring GPS satellites depends on where you are, though it usually only takes about a minute to do so. Once it’s acquired a satellite in the same position more then once it will be able to track that signal faster the next time you take the same route.

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There is a separate heart rate monitor that has to be strapped to you, a downside being that there isn’t a built in heart rate monitor as a feature. The V800 does have an improved battery life which is a huge plus for the watch.

The great feature that is included with the heart rate monitor strap is that it can be personalized to what you need. For example, if you are looking to burn fat then you can set it up so that it will keep you in that specific zone to allow you to burn as many calories as possible. If you happen to fall out of the desired zone, then the monitor will signal that you need to change things up in order to get back in the zone that you need. It will alert you when you need to work harder or to slow things down a bit. The V800 allows you to set goals so that you are always progressing.

The Polar V800 sports watch will setup your training goals for the sport of your choosing as well as showing the daily activities you are involved in. That includes steps and it will even track your sleep quality. You can wear it to bed to have it track your sleep quality but some people find it too bulky to sleep with. That’s something you will have to try out yourself.

The training features that are available on the V800 include the ability to create sections of a workout plan. You can add sprints into your runs as well as rest periods. If you decide to have interval training instead of your regular run, you can incorporate that as well. All these things can be repeated depending on what goals you are trying to reach.

There is a favourites section so that you can go back to previous workouts and repeat them instead of creating new ones all the time. The V800 comes with Race Pace Target a feature that allows you to enter in the distance that you want to run as well as the time. From there it will assist you in keeping the proper pace you need in order to achieve your goals.

Pairing devices together isn’t a big deal as long as you have USB with your computer or you can send data from the watch to your phone. Unfortunately, there is no built in feature that can export the data automatically.

Overall the Polar V800 can be a great watch for runners specifically because it has all the features you are looking for in regards to tracking and mapping out specific workouts and goals. The cons of the watch however are the fact that exporting data is a little tedious as is the initial setup of tracking your distance. If you are looking for a running watch however the V800 is certainly up to the job.

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