Proper Warm Up and Cool Down When Running

Our bodies need to ease in and out of any intense workout, especially running. Think about the temperature of your body when you go for a run and how quickly your body gets hot. It is not healthy for our internal temperature to jump from cold to hot that quickly. It is important that you allow your body enough time to warm up first, before you let it reach its peak. It is also just as important that you allow your body proper time to cool down before you stop running completely. Read more to find out the proper warm up and cool down when running.

Proper Warm Up and Cool Down

To begin a proper warm up and cool down, you can start by standing straight and stretching your body up towards the ceiling. Spread your fingers and toes, so that you feel the stretch from limb to limb. You shouldn’t over stretch before your run but it’s important to make sure all your joints and muscles are loose and functioning. Bring your knees to your chest, bend your feet at your ankles and bend your wrists. After a light stretch it is important that you warm up before taking off in a fast pace run.

Proper Warm Up-and Cool Down When Running


A great way to start off your run is by going for a light jog or a faced paced walk first. Keep your feet light, your cores tight and focus on your form. Try keeping a steady, yet slow pace until you feel your muscles start to loosen up and your heart start to pump faster. If you are an avid runner then you’re probably tempted to break into a sprint as soon as you get out the door. It is important that you try to resist the urge until your body feels comfortable with the jog. There will be plenty of time for you to run once you have warmed up.

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If you feel your body starting to stiffen up during a run, you can always stop and stretch a little before continuing on. Never continue to run if you experience severe muscle stiffening, cramping or pain. Your body will tell you when it needs to rest and it is important that you listen to your body.

The worst thing you can do after a run is flop down on a couch and become motionless. If you put all of your energy into your run, than you might not feel like you have any more energy inside of you to stretch out properly. You will cut off circulation and cause your body to cease up on you. Your body needs to stretch out, because it keeps your blood circulating, improves your flexibility and prevents muscle tears. Think of about what your body has just endured and take the time to cool it back down.

Make sure to stretch out from your fingers to your toes covering all your bones and joints. Even after you have stretched, try to stay on your feet for as long as possible. Keeping your blood circulating and your muscles moving while allowing your body temperature to slowly cool back down.

So take a consider spending an extra few minutes before and after your run to warm up cool down to avoid injuries.

How do you prepare for a proper warm up and cool down? Let us know below.