The Importance of Quality Running Shoes

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The majority of runners use different surface areas to run on, which often includes concrete, sand, treadmills and asphalt. Some of these surfaces are much harder on your back and joints because of what impact it has on your body. The right running shoes will ease the shock and strengthen your body without putting pressure on any other areas.

Most runners make the mistake of using the same athletic running shoes for months on end – overtime the shoes wear down and don’t provide you with the padding you need to get the best workout. Read on to find out the importance of quality running shoes.

Quality Running Shoes

It’s a priority that you buy quality running shoes every 2-3 months if you’re a regular runner because the quality of the shoes can deteriorate over time. Many athletes benefit from putting orthotics in their shoes if they have less of an arch. Flat feet can result in more back problems and can even cause shin splints. The right soles will make all the difference in how you run and can help shape your body. They may offer more leverage, which helps you run longer and cover more terrain.

This is why it’s important to ensure that you buy the right type of running shoes to cater to your running style. If you work out while hiking, invest in a brand that is made for trails. With insulated and waterproof features, they can add more comfort to your workout. If you tend to run long distances you may benefit from a sole that has more padding and a larger arch. You don’t have to spend tons of money to find quality running shoes and you can even find deals through online stores that offer name brands for lower prices.


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By spending more money on a more quality running shoe, it can give you a better workout, help you push harder and run longer. When you have more padding and support, it can help you improve your endurance and performance. Wearing the same running shoes for long periods can increase the risk of pulling something in your calf or Achilles.

Note that they can feel different after you’ve used them for a few days and after you’ve stretched them out. It’s safer to get a size smaller and allow them to conform to your feet instead of getting a size too big since there is a lack of support. The right fit is different for everyone and if it’s necessary to put extra gel inserts or orthotics into your shoes it may help you with your workout. On top of having the right soles it’s equally as important to stretch and warm up. Hydrate your body enough after running to avoid dealing with cramps and eat protein, which will help strengthen your muscles.

It’s easy to tell when your running shoes are beginning to wear down. You may have more difficulty running the distance you used to and may not get the padding or support you once had due to wear. If you are just a beginner and having a hard time holding your posture the right way, buying the right running shoes can keep your body in place.

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As long as they’re lightweight, it’s much easier to obtain the speed and support that you need without feeling tied down. If you tend to run on a treadmill, the shoes may also last longer – either way you will need to support your feet to protect your entire body.

The following are some of the best quality running shoes for runners:

Salomon Sense Mantra
The Salomons are one of the best trail running shoes for the outdoors. They are made of Kevlar fiber and are great for joggers who enjoy running on hills and trails. They are made for long distance runners and although they have a traditional look they offer advanced support.

Adidas Energy Boost
Adidas still reigns supreme in designing athletic shoes. The Adidas Energy Boost is a new design with a foam support and built-in capsules that give you more of a return upon impact. This is a comfortable shoe that doesn’t change shape under extreme temperatures. They are great for running in hot and cold weather and you won’t have to worry about their soles wearing down quickly.

Asics came out with a “Gel-FLUX” shoe that is lightweight and with extra cushion that makes running feel more free and natural. There’s an extra flex in the design that can support a lot of weight for long distance runners or strength trainers.

Saucony Kinvara
The Kinvara is a lightweight shoe that offers extra cushion and drop-zero features. The design is extremely modern (although it is a minimalist shoe) that gives you the padding and agility you need to run long distances, hills, slopes or short sprints.

ASICS DS Trainer 18
ASICS has another running shoe called “DS Trainer 18”, which is perfect for weight lifters and professional track runners. With a cutting-edge look and built-in stability it offers a great deal of support.

New Balance 890v3
The New Balance 890v3 is a shoe that responds to every step you take. It has a lightweight feel that doesn’t weigh you down and a preserved heel. The shoe is recommended for long distance runners. There is also a foam bottom that fits perfectly to the shape of your feet.

The North Face Hyper Track
The Hyper Track has an off-road design that’s perfect if you enjoy extra padding and also useful if you tend to run on concrete or asphalt. It grips the surface well and it is extremely durable.

The TevaSphere Speed
The TevaSphere Speed is a popular shoe that has a minimal design with high-performance features. It is known for its arch support and recommended for athletes who have flat feet.

The Brooks Defyance 6
The Brooks Defyance 6 is the most functional shoe. It gives you the support and lightweight that you need regardless of what type of athlete or runner you are.

What quality running shoes do you run with? Share your suggestion or comments below.