Running With Purpose

There are so many great health benefits from running and if you are already a runner, then you understand how rewarding it can be physically and mentally. Whether your aim is to lose weight, improve your fitness or beat your personal best times, running with purpose can keep us more focused on our goals. The only thing more rewarding for us is when we get the amazing opportunity to run for a worthy cause. Most runners run for pleasure almost every day but being able to raise money to help a charitable organization gives us an even greater pleasure.

Running With Purpose

Everyone knows someone who has suffered with cancer.  Sadly it is way too common in this world and that is why there are countless charities created solely on the mission to find a cure for every form of cancer. Being able to use your love of running to raise money for something that could save the world from the pain of cancer is probably the greatest use of your feet.

If the fight against cancer isn’t the most meaningful cause affecting your life right now, than find one that inspires you. No one in this world lives in a bubble without the tragedy and suffering shaking up their life at some point or another. You may have even needed to rely on a charitable organization once or twice in your life. Wouldn’t it be great if you could give back to that charity simply by running?



Charity runs are considered fun runs because everyone involved is there to raise money and to have a good time. There is normally good music or some form of entertainment, so the mood is exciting and motivating. Charity runs usually also have fun goodie bags with special racing samples and treats from corporate sponsors.

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There is also the valuable social benefit that happens any time you get a group of like-minded athletic people together. There is something undeniably energizing about novice and professional runners coming together for a running purpose. A common trait of most runners is that they love to motivate and inspire others. It will be easier to push yourself further when you run with others and you will feel a part of something larger than yourself.

Ask around and then sign up for the next local charity run. You will feel a sense of accomplishment with every donation you collect and it will inspire you to train harder because you are running for a purpose. You will be a part of something more important than your own objectives and yet be personally rewarded at the same time. The best part will be when you cross the finish line and realize that you completed a run with a purpose.

What’s your running purpose? What charity runs have you completed? Please let us know below.