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Seiko DM51 Digital Metronome Review

We take a look at the latest update to the popular Seiko digital metronome called the Seiko DM51. Similar to the previous generation, the DM51 is a clip-on digital metronome that allows users to improve their running technique and form.

The Seiko DM51 allows runners to run longer and further while reducing the risk of running injuries. The DM51 has undergone a little facelift but has it lost any of its appeal? Read on for the Seiko DM51 digital metronome review.

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5 Tips For Buying a Digital Metronome For Running

Are you familiar with a digital metronome and what it does? You might want to know because this may be something that can solve your problems. A metronome is a must-have for runners and musicians to help track their progress and to reach specific targets. This device gives out a beeping or clicking sound when a specific targeted pace, cadence or rhythm is obtained. When used periodically, you can adjust and set progressive goals and targets while running or working on your Chopin.

This is most helpful among runners or musicians. Without metronome, a runner is unable to rate his average stride per minute, which could lead to incorrect running form, irregular tempo or risk of running related injuries. Read more for the buying guide to digital running metronomes.

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