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Story: How Learning to Run Changed My Life

Continuing from on our last running story, we welcome a blog post from David from Detroit, who was kind enough to share his story “How Learning to Run Changed My Life“. Enjoy.

I use to work your typical mindless desk job where I sat on my behind for over eight hours a day. I tried to move up within the company and I applied for several promotions. My boss insisted that I was in the best role for my skill set and advancement seemed impossible. I always felt that I had more potential, but I didn’t have the drive or determination to prove it. I settled for a secure and comfortable position instead of challenging myself.

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Running and Mood

It is common knowledge how great running is for your body and physical health but it can also improve your mood and outlook on life. Studies have shown that running can help with anxiety, depression, fatigue, and memory loss. It is just like how sometimes simply being outdoors on a beautiful day can renew your spirit and ultimately makes you feel good on the inside. Running outdoors has the same uplifting power being out on a sunny day. Read more on running and mood.

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