Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575 Review

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer is a great addition to the world of technology. This multi-functional sports watch has a lot to offer to runners and other athletes. Those obsessed with running now have a great excuse to replace their old sports watches with the Timex Run Trainer watch, which features a wireless heart rate monitor and built-in GPS technology. Read more for the Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575 review.

Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575 Overview

Best Running Watches: Timex-Ironman-Run-Trainer-T5K575

Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575 is designed especially for runners who wish to bid farewell to repetitive loops, complex mapping and over-planning. The Timex Run Trainer is a GPS-enabled sports watch that tracks and measures your pace, speed and distances in real-time while featuring a highly customizable easy-to-read screen that allows you to display up to four lines of data. This is especially useful so you can view all your stats in real-time while running.

The Timex is supplied with a wireless heart rate monitor that allows you to further track your progress with your heart rate data. The Timex Run Trainer is designed pretty rugged and tough to withstand most of the elements. The watch also features a battery that provides up to 8 hours and is water resistant to up to 50 meters.

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer also comes supplied with software that enables users to track and analyze their runs in more detail. You can view a detailed map of your runs and graphs that illustrate your speed, pace, distances and times. Best of all, all this information can be shared with your family and friends on your favorite social media networks.

The Timex Ironman Run Trainer has a RRP of $200 and is ideal for allowing runners to see exactly what you want during your workouts.

The Good Stuff
1. The Timex provides a great balance between functionality and features providing an easy-to-use interface, which is pretty intuitive to use.
2. The built-in GPS provides accurate tracking, which is great for providing accurate data tracking.
3. Supplied with wireless heart rate monitor allowing users to record and track their heart rate date over time.
4. Tough and rugged design to withstand most of the elements
5. Large screen displays up to four lines of data so you can customize how your vital statistics is displayed and viewed while running.
6. Battery life of up to 8 hours and water resistant of up to 50 meters
7. Using the supplied Timex software, users can connect the watch to their computer via USB so users can easily record and track their running statistics such as heart rate, pace and map of runs.
8. Vibration with tone alerts

The Bad Stuff
1. The size of the watch might be too bulky for some but we think it’s a good compromise for having a large clear screen.
2. The watch is only available in black/orange color
3. Buggy firmware, which Timex seemed to have solved. We recommend updating your watches firmware to get the latest updates and features. This ensures you get the best out of your watch.


  • Color: Black & orange
  • Watch Face: 48mm (diameter) 19mm (thickness)
  • Dimensions: 8.4 x 5 x 2.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 pounds
  • GPS: SiRFstar IV™ GPS technology
  • Interval timers
  • Notification alerts
  • 15-workout memory
  • Five programmable interval timers with optional warm up and cool down
  • 100 lap chronograph with customizable 3 or 4 line display
  • Compatible with Windows XP or newer and Mac OS X 10.6 or newer
  • Timex flex-tech™ digital 2.4 heart rate sensor
  • Water resistance of up to 50-meters
  • Compatible with ant+ foot pod sensor
  • Odometer
  • Alarm
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life of up to 8 hours (GPS mode) or 2.5 months (stand-by mode)
  • INDIGLO® Night-Light
  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty
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What’s In The Box?
The following is what’s in the box:

  • 1 x Timex Ironman Run Trainer (T5K575) GPS watch
  • 1 x Wireless heart rate monitor
  • 1 x Owner’s Manual
  • 1 x Charger

What Other People Say About the Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575
Accurate and easy to use “It is easy to set what you want your three or four lines to display (I recommend three so the middle one is larger). Lot of options for what you want displayed (Pace, Time, Average Pace, Distance, HR, etc.). I started it when I crossed the starting line and ended it as soon as I crossed the finish line, and it said 26.54 miles (.34 miles off over 26.2 miles is amazing accuracy, plus I probably ran that much getting around people). User interface is easier than some other GPS watches I’ve looked at. Features are comparable or better than the Garmin one at this price point, the software used is ‘training peaks’ which you can look through before you purchase the watch. Training Peaks does have a ‘premium’ feature that lets you plan future workouts but the free version of the application is adequate.” By Allison (Washington, DC)

Excellent value for the price“Excellent product. Decided on purchasing Timex over Garmin because of the in-depth reviews of DC Rainmaker ([…]). I used to have a Forerunner 305 and liked it a lot. This Timex watch is less bulky and has all the functions of the 305 (contrary to the current Garmins 110 or 210). The Heart rate monitor belt is quite practical and comfortable.” By  Christophe Gaillard (Lausanne, Suisse)

Can be as simple or complex as you want; either way, works great!“My wife got me the Run Trainer and heart rate monitor pack for Christmas and I’ve been running with it since. This is my first GPS watch. Previously I used and liked the Nike+ footpod and iPod sensor. However, I wanted to up my run training and really felt like I needed to move in the direction of heart rate zone training, along with more accurate measurements of my run distance and pace. The Run Trainer and included heart rate monitor are perfect for this.” By Cuperdo

Video on Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575

For any runner looking for user-friendly GPS sports watch that allows you to accurately track real-time statistics such as pace, time, average pace, distances and heart rate etc., the Timex Ironman Run Trainer is highly recommended. The large clear display and the supplied wireless heart rate monitor makes tracking and analyzing your workouts easy and fun.

While some people may find the Timex Run Trainer bulky, it manages to strike a good balance between functionality and features. Although not perfect, we think most runners won’t mind the bulky size, given the watch allows you to customize and display up to four different lines of data such as pace, time, heart rate etc. And with the supplied Training Peaks software, runners can analyze their progress and performance over time.

Where to Buy the Timex Ironman Run Trainer T5K575?
You can pick up the Timex Ironman Run Trainer from many outlets such as EBay and Best Buy but Amazon seems to have the best deal at the moment, where you can pick up the Timex from approx. $140.

Do you have the Timex Run Trainer sports watch? Please share your reviews or comments with us below.