Top 10 Accessories for Running After Dark

With a hectic schedule, many people find time to run either in the early mornings or late in the evenings. Depending on the time of the year, this can mean running in the dark. While training during the day is recommended, running gear companies across the country realize that this is not always a reality.

As a result, there are plenty of running accessories that can help to keep runners safe while running at night. Read more on the top 10 accessories for running after dark.

Top 10 Accessories for Running After Dark

Here are the top 10 running accessories for a safe run after dark:

1. Reflective clothing
Wearing dark clothing for a run at night is a definite no. Fortunately, a vast majority of running gear companies make entire lines of clothing geared for nighttime runners. Always wear white or bright colored running clothing while going for a run after dark.  Whites and bright colored clothing make it much easier for motorists to see you.


Brooks Reflective Clothing

High-visibility fabrics provide for great visibility and are typically breathable and water-resistant. Next time you are restocking your running gear, you should invest in reflective clothing for a safer nighttime run. Runners should consider this entire line of reflective running clothing brought to you by Brooks.

2. Lights
Headlamps, flashlights or knuckle lights can help to increase your visibility to motorist when paired with reflective clothing. Not only do lights help motorists to see you, but they also allow you to better see the ground in front of you.


Knuckle Lights

This can help decrease your chances of a running injury related to tripping or falling. Consider these knuckle lights or this headlamp from Amazon.

3. Glow-in-the-dark running shoes
Bright colored running shoes are extremely trendy. What you may not realize is that glow-in-the-dark running shoes can also be very beneficial to nighttime runners. These running shoes will allow motorists to see every stride you take as you work towards your running goals.


New Balance WR 1400

Consider these glow-in-the-dark running shoes from New Balance, as they provide lightweight support and a tongue loop that also serves for easy storage.

4. Reflective running hats
Reflective running hats are available for all seasons. If the weather is cooler, keep warm and stay visible with a reflective beanie. During the warmer months, runners should opt for a reflective baseball cap.

Reflective Running Hats Brooks Reflective Hat

A reflective baseball cap can have multiple uses. They can keep the run out of your eyes during the day and help with visibility to motorists when it comes time to run at night. Reflective Running Hats offers a great reflective baseball cap that is made of a mesh material.

5. Reflective headphones
Reflective headphones offer a more unique way to stay visible while enjoying the music that gets you pumped up for your runs. The wires of reflective headphones offer reflective detailing with a tangle free cord. Many reflective headphones are lightweight and are also sweat-proof.


X1 Reflective Headphones

If your headphones get a little on the dirty side, feel free to wipe them down with some water without having to worry about any damage to your headphones. offers a wide-variety of reflective and waterproof headphones.

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6. Nighttime running watch
A nighttime GPS running watch makes it easy for you to track your mileage and calories burnt as well as where you are with a backlight that is always on. Additionally, this backlight provides for an added way for motorists to see you out running. However, it is not recommended that you use a nighttime running watch just for the purpose of visibility.


Soleus Running Watch

These watches are designed more so for progress tracking with ease opposed to your safety. Soleus Running offers a nighttime running watch with an adjustable strap made to fit even the smallest of wrists.

7. Reflective running sleeves
Think of how much you swing your arms as you are running. Due to constant movement of your arms while you run, a runners arms are often more visible to motorists’ than their legs. Reflective compression running sleeves help make you highly visible while increasing blood circulation throughout the arms.


Nathan Sports Reflective Sleeves

Additionally, many running sleeves have zipper compartments ideal for storing a key or an identification card. Check out these running compression sleeves with reflective tape from Nathan’s Sports available through Amazon. They are made of a moisture-wicking material that will help keep you comfortable during your runs.

8. Reflective vests
Next time you pass highway construction at night, take note of all the brightly colored, reflective vests that everyone is wearing. Why is everyone wearing them? Because they work! A reflective vest is a great item to keep in the trunk of your car in the event of an impromptu run (or walk) and you find yourself without any other reflective gear around.


Nathan Sports Reflective Vests

Nathan’s Sports offers a wide variety of reflective vests to choose from. A reflective vest is an easy way to make any of non-reflective running clothes into a reflective item.

9. ID band/bracelet
While this is not a reflective item, carrying some sort of identification on you while running is an absolute must. If you aren’t one to carry your ID card in your pocket while you run, there is an alternative available. Try an ID bracelet.


ID Bands

In the event of an accident and you are unable to speak for yourself, an ID bracelet can let emergency responders know who you are. While no one likes to think of such an emergency, it is something that is very important to consider. Check out some of these ID bands from Amazon.

10. Running armband
Taking your phone along with you on a run can offer a lot of benefits and especially piece of mind while running at night. Your phone can track your distance, provide you with music and even act as a GPS.


iPhone Reflective Armband

Perhaps most importantly, the ability to call someone in the event of an emergency offers peace of mind to all runners. Runners should choose an armband that is designed for your specific phone. Check at this Aduro U-Band for the iPhone 5 available on Amazon complete with reflective features.

What accessories would you recommend for running after dark? Share your suggestions in the comments below.