Top 10 Affordable Running Shoes

One of the best and some of the most appealing aspects of running is the minimal amount of gear that is required to get you started. Running does not require a uniform or expensive gear. To run, all you need is ambien sleeping pills: how good are they? and buy ambien online us or ambien best pharmacy online weather-appropriate clothing and a well-fitted pair of shoes.

The right pair of running shoes can help protect you for injuries and help you to achieve your goals as a runner. Read more for the top 10 affordable running shoes.

Keeping in mind, that running shoes should be replaced every 300-500 miles depending on the shoe, there are a variety of shoes out there to choose from. From minimalist running shoes to shoes that provide a tremendous amount of support for the foot and ankle, running shoes are available for everyone even those on a budget. Here’s a list of the top 10 running shoes and why you may want to check them out:

Top 10 Affordable Running Shoes for 2014

1. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 14 Running Shoe
The ASICS Gel- Nimbus 14 is available in both men’s and women’s sizes. This very reliable and durable shoe retails from approx. $77. The ASICS Gel-Nimbus has a cushion system that makes for an extremely comfortable shoe. This cushion system allows the foot to naturally move through the gait cycle.


ASICS Gel Nimbus 14

While not a minimalist shoe, the foot moves in a very natural way as you run with this affordable running shoe. The midsole is lightweight making this an ideal shoe for distance runners. As a lightweight shoe, the ASICS Gel- Nimbus 14 will not cause leg fatigue on distance runs.

2. Brooks Summon 3
Available in men’s and women’s sizes, the Brooks Summon 3 is an affordable option for runners looking for value along with performance and quality. Ranging between $80 and $90, the Brooks Summon 3 may be the perfect value for a new runner or someone looking to add running into their usual fitness routine.


Brooks Summon 3

The Brooks Summon 3 is great for outdoor running or indoor running and can also be worn on a trip to the gym even if you won’t plan on using the treadmill. Made of a plush material, this shoe is extremely comfortable. For anyone looking for added foot stability, the Brooks Summon 3 offers stability along with affordability.

3. New Balance WR 1400
The New Balance WR 1400 is a very affordable running shoe. Ranging in price from $50 to $90, this shoe is available in men’s and women’s sizes. Available in a wide-variety of neutral and trendy bright colors, this shoe may be ideal for anyone looking to eventually transition to a minimalist running shoe.


New Balance WR 1400

This shoe is extremely lightweight and supports a mid-foot strike. However, this shoe does have more padding than a minimalist shoe, which makes it ideal for anyone looking to head in the direction of minimalist shoe.

4. Brooks Green Silence
The Brooks Green Silence running shoe not only sounds like a possible eco-friendly shoe, it actually is an eco-friendly shoe, which is a rarity especially in the world of affordable running shoes. For around $60, you can purchase the Brooks Green Silence, which are not only friendly for the environment but your wallet as well. The Brooks Green Silence is made of recycled materials and soy-based ink.


Brooks Green Silence

These shoes are super durable and are designed to handle runs on tough terrain and distance runs. Made of a seamless mesh, the Brooks Green Silence shoes can help keep your feet warm, cool or dry dependent upon the weather conditions you encounter. These shoe are available for men and women.

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5. Saucony Fiya
Coming in both men’s and women’s sizes, the Saucony Fiya can be purchased in a wide-variety of trendy colors for around $65. This shoe is ideal for beginner and experienced runners, who are looking for a reliable and comfortable pair of shoes.


Saucony Fiya

A plush inside makes for a pillow-like atmosphere for your feet and an extremely comfortable run (also making these shoes great for individuals with ailments of the feet). A breathable mesh material and excellent traction allow you to run with ease in a wide-variety of weather conditions.

6. ADIDAS Adizero Feather 2.0
The ADIDAS Adizero Feather 2.0 speaks for itself when it comes to the name. This shoe is one of the lightest shoes available; especially at its price point.


ADIDAS Adizero Feather 2.0

Available for both men and women, the ADIDAS Adizero Feather 2.0 retails for around $69. Made of Adiprene in the forefoot region, these shoes are extremely comfortable and can help to prevent pain in the forefoot region.

7. Nike Air Max Defy Max
The Nike Air Max Defy is a lightweight running shoes that comes in a wide-variety of neon colors. For around $60, you can purchase this shoe in men’s and women’s sizes.


Nike Air Max Defy Max

If you are a beginner runner or just want running to be part of your routine, the Nike Air Max Defy can take you from cardio in the gym to running on pavement. This is a versatile shoe that provides a great deal of support and comfort for your foot.

8. Asics Gel-Blur 33 2.0
For around $70, the Asics Gel-Blur 33 2.0 is tremendous value for anyone looking for a trendy running shoe that will leave your feet feeling great after a long run. With gel and memory foam, these shoes are made to absorb shock. Shock absorption can mean a decreased risk of overuse injuries.


Asics Gel Blur 33 2.0

A very supportive lacing system helps to stabilize your feet as you challenge yourself on a long run. Keep in mind that these shoes have a tendency to run small; so try on before you buy.

9. Saucony Cohesion 6
The Saucony Cohesion 6 is available for men and women and is an excellent value at around $55. Decoupled heels along with a flexible forefoot allow your feet to properly make their way through the gait cycle as you run.


Saucony Cohesion 6

Extra cushioning provides for comfort for runners of all levels. A breathable, mesh material keeps your feet cool or warm depending upon the elements. These shoes quickly become a fan-favorite amongst many of the runners who give them a try.

10. Brooks Puredrift 2
The Brooks Puredrift 2 retails for anywhere between $70 and $100 largely dependent upon where you decide to purchase this running shoe. Available in men’s and women’s sizes this shoe is meant for minimalist runners who take their runs to the pavement.


Brooks Puredrift 2

Of all the minimalist shoes in the Brooks Pure Project, this shoe most replicates barefoot running without actually have to go barefoot. Upper mesh, a wide toe-box and zero-drop make at feel as if you aren’t wearing any running shoes at all while still providing your feet with protection from the elements.

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