Top 10 Apple Watch Running Features

If you spend hours a week running and you wonder if the new Apple Watch is worth all of the hype, there are some great features you want to consider. The Apple Watch is going to offer a majority of the things that you already love using with your iPhone, but will have even more advantages. Read on for the Top 10 Apple Watch running features.

Not only is the Apple Watch going to help you with running, but it’s also going to help you accomplish a healthier lifestyle, and help you meet all of your fitness goals. Here are a few of the top features runners would be able to utilize if they had the Apple Watch.

Top 10 Apple Watch Running Features

1. Distance Tracking
It doesn’t matter if you head out on your bike, for a walk, or for a run, the Apple Watch is going to track how far you’ve gone with the GPS in your iPhone. You can also use GPS to find a way back to your starting point, or to see what roads or landmarks are around you.


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The Apple Watch also has a built in barometer, so it’s going to measure the topography and elevation changes to make accurate calculations of the steps you take and distances you travel.

2. Water Resistance
If you run with your iPhone or another device in your hand or strapped to your body, it’s likely that the device encounters moisture when you sweat. If the sweat causes problems with the device, you can leave these problems behind with the new Apple Watch. Not only will perspiration not be a nuisance, but you also don’t have to worry about running when it rains, or getting the watch wet while training.

3. MP3 Capabilities and Wireless Listening
The Apple Watch has capabilities to store your music so you can go for a run without having to take your iPhone, Nano or other MP3 player if you don’t want to. With a set of Bluetooth headphones, you can listen to music while on your run hands-free and without wires.

4. Car Key and Hotel Key Replacement and More
Do you hate going out for a run and having to find a place for your car key? Or having to take the hotel key card with you? The Apple Watch has been designed to work as a keycard with some hotels, and to potentially replace car keys. You can also program the watch to open your garage door.


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If you like to go out and run with friends and then you all go out to eat, or you want to grab a beverage at a gas station, you can use the payment application on the Apple Watch, instead of needing your wallet or purse that can be left at home. These awesome options saves hassle and lets you run without needing pockets or accessories.

5. Heart Rate Sensor
The Apple Watch has a heart rate sensor that touches the skin to monitor your heart rate. This sensor will determine how many calories you’re burning while you exercise, and the intensity level of your exercises. If you are trying to keep your heart rate above a specific level while doing sprints or long runs, this feature is going to give you the information and motivation to get there.

6. Workout Goals
The Apple Watch will track how much you are moving throughout the day, to show you how long you sit, walk, run and more. You can look at reports from previous days, weeks and full monthly reports, and set goals for the future days ahead of you. The Apple Watch will remind you when to get up and move around, when to go out for a run, or what workouts you still need to accomplish to reach your goals.

7. Calorie Tracking
Are you trying running to lose weight or get healthy, and you spend time counting calories? The watch can be used to download calorie counter apps that scan your food and calculate your calories, or you can input your calories after meals on the touchscreen. When you run, the Apple Watch will tell you how many calories you’ve burned out of what you ate for the day.

8. Battery Life
The Apple Watch has a battery life of up to 18 hours. Although this time will vary throughout the day with the amount of applications you use, you can count on it to last during a long run when it has a decent charge. During a workout with GPS going and other applications, it showed to last 6.5 hours. That is easily enough time to run a half or full marathon. More information on the battery life can be found here.


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9. Comfort
The Apple Watch wristband is designed to be very comfortable while working out, and to wear throughout the day. Strapping a phone to your arm or outfit, or tucking it away somewhere can be very uncomfortable. The watch is lightweight and can be securely worn around the wrist with the smooth band that is suitable for all wrist sizes.

10. Personal Training
The Apple Watch will get you to know you like a personal trainer would. It can track your progress throughout workouts and recommend different workouts or training programs for you, to help you improve your running and reach all of your goals. You can also download some of your favorite fitness applications that have training programs and use them while you run.

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If you already have a sports watch and you don’t need a replacement, you may want to wait to preorder the Apple Watch, and hold off when it hits the shelves. The next model of the watch is supposed to have the built in GPS tracker that most runners would want to take advantage of. If you are looking for a watch to use while you run and you want a phone that is going to work like your iPhone or your iPad, this is going to be a great watch for you.

Do you think the Apple Watch can replace conventional GPS sports watches? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.