Top 10 Budget Running Shoes

Nothing is more important in a runner’s lifestyle then to have a great pair of running shoes. It’s not just about aesthetics but a cool looking pair of running shoes sure doesn’t hurt either. Functionality, support and some cool kicks are what shoe shopping is all about for a runner. There are literally hundreds of different running shoes available on the market but how do you find which is best for you? Read more for the top 10 budget running shoes.

Top 10 Budget Running Shoes

Below are the top 10 budget running shoes for under $100:

1. Brooks Green Silence Running Shoes – Approx. $59
You may find it hard to believe that there are environmentally friendly running shoes out there but Brooks Green Silence is just that. These great shoes are made out of recycled materials and soy-based inks. But don’t think that they are cheaply made just because they are enviro-friendly. They are still high performance shoes. The sole inside the shoe is the first biodegradable sole out there and there is a layer of mesh inside to make sure that your feet stay dry and cool.

Brooks Green Silence Budget Running Shoes

Brooks Green Silence Running Shoes

2. New Balance M890v2 Running Shoes – Approx. $70
This is an upgraded running shoe from the NB890 but with more of a lightweight performance. These shoes are specifically made to make you feel like you are a pro but for a decent cost.

New Balance M890B2 Budget Running Shoes

New Balance M890B2 Running Shoe

3. Reebok Premier ZigFly Running Shoes – Approx. $100
The sole of this shoe is lightweight with a better performance cushioning to it. It’s better than the original ZigTech. It has a SmoothFit seam that helps to prevent any type of irritation to the skin from chaffing. It also has a lining inside to make sure your feet stay dry and cool for a more comfortable run.

Reebook Premier ZigFly Budget Running Shoes

Reebook Premier ZigFly Running Shoe

4. New Balance 630 Running Shoes – Approx. $40
This is a cheaper version of a New Balance shoe but still a solid choice for running. This shoe is designed to give you the feel of a “natural motion” run. The design is about optimal breathability and flexibility. If you prefer to feel like you are practically barefoot when you run, then this is the shoe for you. But it’s not a bad shoe either, it gives the foot proper stability and support for the run as well.

New Balance 630 Budget Running Shoe

New Balance 630 Running Shoe

5. Puma Faas 800 Running Shoes – Approx. $60
If you are someone who likes to run on some rough terrain the you need an aggressive shoe to take on that kind of task as well. The Puma Faas 800 S is designed for those aggressive runs that show no mercy. There is mesh in the shoe to allow for proper air flow. It is designed with idCELL midsole and BioRide for easy toe-off. This shoe is extremely durable due to the fact that it has a rubber outsole and is equipped with EverRide and EverTrack tech.

Puma Faas 800 Budget Running Shoes

Puma Faas 800 Running Shoe

6. Saucony Grid Fiya Running Shoes – Approx. $70
This shoe is designed as a lightweight shoe to give you the most comfortable feel that a shoe can offer you. It’s not a heavy shoe and it makes for a more comfortable run. The shoe is very plush in the sense that it has the mesh that allows for breathability while the HRC+ Strobel Board give you optimal comfort. The special part about this shoe is it’s designed for traction so you can run on most any surface that you want.

Saucony Grid Fiya Budget Running Shoes

Saucony Grid Fiya Running Shoes

7. Saucony Fastwitch 5 Running Shoes Approx. $60
These are considered to be racing flats so they are a shoe that you can use on your race days but also for regular training days. They are also lightweight with mesh and welded overlay to allow the shoe to breath properly in order to keep your feet dry and cool. It contains an XT-900 outsole that will help with any type of traction depending on where you are running. It’s durable and functional, featuring a 4mm heel-to-toe offset.

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Saucony Fastwitch 6 Running Shoe

8. New Balance MT110 Running Shoes Approx. $50
This is a very affordable shoe but one that is extremely durable as well. This particular shoe won the TrailRunner Editor’s Choice award for “further proof.” So you know when you are going running in this shoe that it can handle just about anything. Considering the price of the shoe this is one of the best bargains you can hope to get for a shoe of that quality.

New Balance MT110 Budget Running Shoes

New Balance MT110 Running Shoes

9. Adidas Climawarm Blast Running Shoes Approx. $64
The Adidas Climawarm Blast is built for flexibility. It’s designed with a mesh to allow your feet to breath and stay cool during your run. But the best part about Climawarm is that the designers made sure that the technology was integrated so that if you were running during those winter months that your feet would remain warm during that time. It’s a great feature for the price of the shoe.

Adidas Climawarm Blast Budget Running Shoes

Adidas Climawarm Blast Running Shoes

10. Adidas Adizero Feather Running Shoes Approx. $69
The Adizero Feather speaks of its lightweight performance right in the title. Believe it or not but it’s one of the lightest shoes on the market right now. If that’s what you are looking for then you won’t find a better running shoe, then this one. The designers integrated Adiprene to make sure that the shoe was the most comfortable that it could be. It’s also a durable shoe that can take on any terrain that you have to offer. It’s has low wear and tear and will be a shoe that stands the test of time. You won’t have to worry; the Adidas Adizero Feather 2.0 will last you much longer then your average sneaker.

Adidas Men's Adizero Feather Budget Running Shoes

Adidas Men’s Adizero Feather Boost Running Shoes

Whether you are looking for durability or a comfortable shoe, these budget running shoes give you the best of both worlds for the fraction of the cost of most running shoes out there. Take this list with you on your next shopping trip and find a pair of budget running shoes to suit your budget.

What budget running shoes are you running with? Share your comments and questions with us below.