Top 10 International Running Events for 2014

Running is an international sport that can be enjoyed by individuals of all backgrounds. When it comes to running, individuals gather from around the world at a number of events that most runners can only dream of participating in one day. From Australia to New York City, runners from around the world participate in some of the most prestigious and most unique running events to make memories that will last a lifetime. Read on for the top 10 international running events for 2014.

Top 10 International Running Events for 2014


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If the opportunity for travel presents itself, here is the top 10 international running events that die-hard runners from around the world will be checking out in 2014.

1. Dead Sea Ultra Marathon
The Dead Sea Ultra Marathon is for April 4, 2014. This marathon is a very popular race that attracts runners from more than 50 countries. Taking place in Jordan, the first 12 km of this race are full of ups and downs — much like a wave. After an interesting beginning, there are 32 km of race that follow a downhill track and the last few kilometers are entirely flat. This race allows runners to run to the lowest point on earth. In 2013, the Dead Sea Ultra Marathon celebrated its 20th anniversary and it still going strong.

2.  BMO Vancouver Marathon
The BMO Vancouver Marathon started in Stanley Park in 1972 with only 46 runners. This race has now evolved into the largest and oldest international marathon in Canada. This marathon hosts a 42 kilometer race as well as a 21 kilometer race that takes runners through the many parks of Vancouver (including Queen Elizabeth Park, Kitsilano Beach, Pacific Park and Stanley Park). Runners enjoy a run over the bridge to English Bay while taking in views of Vancouver’s beautiful waterfront. The 2014 BMO Vancouver Marathon is set to take place on June 15th.

3. Big Five Marathon
The Big Five Marathon takes place in South Africa and is planned for June 21, 2014. Running by lions, hippos and other animals native to South Africa is a different experience for the runners from around the world who make the trip to South Africa to try their hand at something new. The Big Five Marathon takes place at South Africa’s Entabeni Game Reserve — an area known for mountains, wide open plains, rivers and plenty of wildlife. Some report that running through wildlife encourages them to go for a new personal record. The Big Five Marathon offers  42, 21 and 10 kilometer races, making this a race for runners of all skill levels.

4. Australian Outback Marathon
For a run down under, try your hand at the Australian Outback Marathon. This year’s race is set for July 26, 2014. Summer temperatures in the Australian desert can search up to 45 degrees Celsius. As a result, the race is held in the middle of the Australian winter. The marathon follows a flat course, but on unsealed highways — so be prepared for plenty of dusts. This race has four different distances include 42, 21, 11 and 6 kilometers.

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5. Marathon du Medoc
Marathon du Medoc is a unique marathon that takes place in France and is scheduled for September 13, 2014. This 42 kilometer is more like a festival in the vineyards of France and just happens to include a running element as well. Race participants and spectators are welcome dress as they please, many of whom choose to dress in costumes (that of course are comfortable to run in). This marathon focuses more on fun than a vast majority of marathons that take place across the globe.

6. Budapest Marathon
The Budapest Marathon is set to take place on October 12, 2014. This 42 kilometer race takes you through the beautiful streets of Budapest. The flat course takes you along the Danube. If you are looking for a beautiful destination and a flat course, traveling to Budapest for the Budapest Marathon is likely to make for a very enjoyable trip.

7. Great Barrier Reef Marathon
If you have seen pictures of the Great Barrier Reef, you know that it is a beautiful site. Now image running near this beautiful site, it’s motivating and relaxing all at the same time. This once in a lifetime experience is set to take place on September 11, 2014. This race starts on Four Mile Beach in the resort town of Port Douglas. The Great Barrier Reef Marathon takes you through sugar cane plantations and along the World Heritage listed rainforest. Before you cross the finish line, you’ll take a dip in the ocean. This ocean dip will be much needed due to the heat and humidity.

8. Honolulu Marathon
If you are a runner and have ever dreamed of heading to Hawaii, the Honolulu Marathon just might be the right race for you. In 2013, the race celebrated its 30 year anniversary with it’s largest turnout yet; over 25,000 runners. In 2014, this 42 kilometer race is set to take place December 14th. With the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop for this race, runners looking to take in a little bit of paradise as they run are bound to enjoy this marathon.

9. New York City Marathon
The New York City Marathon is the world’s largest marathon and is slated to take place on November 2, 2014. Whether you have never visited the city that never sleeps or absolutely adore New York City, the best of the best come out to run the New York City Marathon. This marathon spans all 5 boroughs of New York and offers beautiful views of the city skyline as runners make their way through the streets of the big city.

10. Boston Marathon
The 118th Boston Marathon occurs on April 21, 2014. The Boston Marathon is the most prestigious marathon in the country. While not everyone is eligible to take part in their marathon (you must qualify in order to participate), participants describe this marathon as a race that they will never forget. Run through the historic streets of Boston with some of the finest runners from around the world.

Which marathon event will you be running in this year?