Top 10 Running Apps for 2016

So you love to run? That`s great news! Now you are looking for a running app to track your progress and make your running adventure more fun. There are many running apps available that are easy to use and won’t break the bank as well. These running apps will help to keep you focused on your goals and keep you in shape as well. These days there are so many choices when it comes to getting an app that gives you what you are looking for. Read on for the Top 10 Running Apps for 2016.

Top 10 Running Apps for 2016

It doesn’t matter what you need the watch for whether it be a marathon or just a jaunt around the neighbourhood, there is an app out there for you. The great thing about these apps is they offer encouragement and feedback on your progress. By using the GPS on your phone they will map your run and determine the calories you have burned and the distance it took you to do so.

These apps will analyse your stride and even give you training regimes. All you have to do is do all the hard work. The following below are the best running apps for 2016:

1. Strava
Strava is one of the favourites among runners because it records all of your running stats including distance, pace and the time it took you on your run. It uses your phone’s GPS to track your progress.


Strava App

The company that handles Strava recently joined forces with FitBit, which is also widely popular. If you happen to have a Fitbit, you can sync your running history and all of your logged workouts from Fitbit into your Strava app. Because the two are connected whatever you do in Strava will go towards your Fitbit goals as well.

Another great benefit for people using the Polar M400 watch can also integrate their information into the Strava. It allows you to have all your information in one spot for better handling.

2. Runkeeper
Runkeeper currently is one of the most widely used running apps available. There are a lot of reasons for this. Firstly, Runkeeper tracks more than just running, it will track many other different sports that you participate in as well. It’s extremely easy to use and the app itself is laid out in a way that makes it user friendly. Not only is it a great app but it’s one of the most easily wearable devices, which is probably what makes it so popular.


RunKeeper App

When it comes to playing music this running app has a lot of great features. It can integrate with Spotify support to assist Runkeeper DJ to give you the best playlist available to you. It also integrates with the Apple Watch app to allow you to pause your training sessions or to view your heart rate.

3. Spotify Running
Spotify Running app combines running with music and it works to help you to run to the beat instead of worrying about the distance in which you are running. It thinks outside the box to help you burn calories at the maximum efficiency.

It’s actually a pretty neat app when you go into the features it offers. It’s easy to use and set up. All you have to do is select the type of music you want to listen to and by using the sensors on your phone it will choose a playlist that matches your taste in music. You train or run based off of the beat of the music and you go in sync with that beat throughout.

4. Endomondo
Endomondo is a brand name that was bought by Under Armour for just shy of two billion dollars, not exactly pocket change. It works alongside MyFitnessPal, another widely used and popular app. Due to the fact that Under Armour bought Endomondo, it also works with HealthBox as well as the Under Armour Band platform.


Endomondo Running App

Endomondo tracks everything. It focuses on your distances as well as your progress. Every time you run a kilometre Endomondo is going to vibrate to let you know where you are at, and to encourage you further. The features include: workout duration, heart rate, distance ran and it does all this without you having to update any of your progress.

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5. Garmin Connect
Garmin is a brand that has been around forever, most popularly known for the GPS. Garmin also has wearable’s such as the Forerunner 630, Forerunner 235 and Vivosmart HR. Garmin Connect is their most popular however as it`s a solid app with lots of benefits.


Garmin Connect

This app allows you a free signup. There are a ton of tracking features unsurprisingly in the Garmin Connect but aside from that you can track your running routes, create a training calendar as well as track your weight and the goals you are striving for. This app allows you to create a training plan and to even host certain events. You can manage all these goals from the comfort of your home.

6. Runtastic
The great thing about Runtastic is its ability to sync with many other smart watches. The features include calories burned, workout duration and the distance that you ran.


RunTastic App

Runtastic allows you to map out your workouts, and even plot them on graphs for future use. The watch has a voice coach for advice is needed.

7. Ghostracer
Ghostracer running app allows you to run in real time against pre-determined segments. It can also link up to Strava as well. It can connect with data from any blue tooth device that is connected to a heart rate monitor.


GhostRacer Running App

The features include distance, time and pace. This is the only device that loves to save your battery time by allowing your screen to fade to black during long sessions so your battery doesn’t die out.

8. Nike+
Nike+ running app is one of the best running apps available with so many features that you will love. It has all the basics like tracking distance and pace, along with routes. But it also has training programs and the ability to share your runs with other people.


Nike+ App

You can literally set up challenges with other people and even add photos when you happen to come across something beautiful during your run.

9. Couch to 5K
C25K is a great app for beginner runners because it works to get you from that sedentary state you are used to and up and running. The objective is to get you up to a 5k goal.


C25K Running App

This app allows you to have a pre-planned schedule ahead of time starting from walks. It then takes you to a walk/run and then eventually full runs.

10. Zombies, Run
Zombies, Run is a fun app for people who get bored quickly from their runs. Well this app literally gets your heart pumping and ready to run.


Zombies Run

This app allows you to run through various missions, with amazing storylines and extreme sound effects. You go through these missions while being chased by…zombies. Yes, zombies will get you through that normally boring run. If you want something fun that’s going to take you out of the norm, then this is the one for you.

What running apps are you currently using? Share your running app recommendations in the comments below.