Top 10 Summer Running Accessories

You can’t beat a run in the sun – clear blue, bright skies and no worries about wrapping up to keep warm or carrying wet weather gear around with you. However, you still need to prepare for you Summer runs and be sensible with the weather. As well as the usual considerations, such as what to wear and how to keep hydrated and cool, here are some top 10 summer running accessories for Summer runners and the perfect excuse for some retail therapy!

Top 10 Summer Running Accessories

1. Protect from the glare
With a bright sun, comes squinting! Not only is this annoying but can be harmful as well. Take away the glare from the sun by wearing a good pair of running sunglasses. These are different to normal sunglasses and often called ‘sport wrap glasses’, as they are designed to be able to handle the impact of running without falling down the bridge of your nose. They also include extra ventilation at the nose area, which helps ensure the glasses do not steam up during weather temperature changes – making them ideal for all year round sun glare. They also have a good UV protection, essential to protect your eyesight during the summer months.



2. Sort out your sweat
Sweating is inevitable when running and this is even more so during those warm Summer runs. Every runner needs to invest in a good, absorbent pair of wristbands. This helps ‘mop up’ excess sweat and avoids it dripping in to your eyes when running.

3. Hair free face
An absorbent headband is another way to vend off sweat from your eyes and face. Not only that, a headband is an excellent addition to your run wear all year round for keeping pesky stray hairs out of your face. Purchase a special running headband or sports band, as these often include a special grip and are designed for enduring the impact of running and staying nicely in place unlike fashion headbands.

4. Every runner needs a good pair of socks
A good pair of running socks is essential kit for every runner, from beginner to advance. As crucial as a decent pair of running trainers, running socks help absorb the impact of running, prevent rubbing and blisters and ventilate the foot. Summer runners should look for socks with extra ventilation, which helps absorb the extra foot sweat that will occur during warmer months. Comfort is key for running and what you wear on your feet is crucial.

5. Secure your belongings
During Summer runs, your hands will sweat which loosens your grip. An arm band is the best way to carry your mobile phone around with you to check the time and log your runs, as opposed to holding it in your hands. A running arm band, with Velcro grip and ventilation holes is designed to firmly hold a mobile phone and sometimes a key or some coins and is a great way to keep personal belongings safe and secure. In the summer it is often a better option that a waistband, which can become warm and uncomfortable around the midriff area.

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6. Keep up the H2O levels
Hydration is key for those long Summer runs. As well as drinking plenty of water prior and after a run, you can also carry some water with you for sipping as you run. Special running water carriers often come with hand grips or a handle to loop around your fist as you run.

7. Stay motivated with some Summer tunes
No Summer run is complete without some energetic summer tunes to keep you motivated and moving! Store up your favourite upbeat and energetic songs on your phone, pop it in your arm band and link up to your running headphones. Running headphones are designed for the movement of running, for fitting around your ears and head and to ensure that music plays evenly when you run and doesn’t crackle or jump.

8. Cool your body down
On those extra hot days, there is no need to skip your run. An ice pack wrapped in thin material (such as a head scarf) has been proven to cool down your core body temperature significantly. This is especially useful when running in the heat, when your body tries extra hard to cool down and works overtime. When the body is too hot, your endurance falters and performance decreases. Holding an ice or cool pack helps regulate body temperature and not only makes the run more comfortable, but allows you to run further, faster and more efficiently.

9. Stay safe in the sun
Some every day sun screens are not water resistant and do not work effectively when you sweat or exercise in general. Invest in a UVA/UVB protection face stick made specifically for exercise and workout sessions. Many of these sun blocks also contain Vitamin E to hydrate the skin but avoid your pores from clogging with a greasy texture. It is important to protect your skin from sun damage and many runners easily forget about this essential Summer running buy!

10. Light and airy
All year round runners need to make the transition between their Winter and Summer wardrobe. Be sure to stock up on light clothing, specifically designed for running or exercise and made from breathable material. Many running tops come with ‘air vents’ or tiny holes under the arm pits to help release heat.

Many runners love to venture out when the sun shines. Energy levels often feel higher on those bright days. Running in the heat need not be a huge challenge if you equip yourself with the essential items to take the heat and help your stamina. The tips above are a great start for every summer runner’s shopping wish list and ensure that the runner is comfortable and safe in the sun. Above all else, get out there and enjoy the good weather.