Top 7 Fitness Activity Trackers

So you finally made the decision to get into shape. Congratulations. Now you want some tools to keep you focused and help you get there. There are useful tech products available that will help you without the expense of buying a smart watch. Fitness activity trackers are extraordinary devices because they allow you to think about what you are doing.

No one ever thinks about the steps it takes to go to the bathroom or the difference it makes to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Not only that but they will help you set a bedtime and reminding you to get to sleep at the same time every night right up to the minute. Imagine what you can do if reminded that 20 more steps will help your fitness goals even more. Read on for the top 7 Fitness activity trackers.

There are currently a lot of fitness activity trackers available out there so you want to make sure you are getting the right one. You want to make sure it feels right on you and looks good. It’s not going to matter how many features it has if you hate using it on every day. Pick one with a design you like and you will be good to go. Also make sure you get one that will sync automatically as your life will become so much easier if it does.

Not all fitness trackers are equal so make sure whichever one you choose is compatible with your tablet, phone or computer. Some will work with all three while others will only be compatible to your computer or phone. Here are the top 7 fitness activity trackers:

Top 7 Fitness Activity Trackers

1. Jawbone UP24
Priced at approx. $149.99, the Jawbone UP24 is a comfortable and impressive fitness activity tracker that feels light on your wrist.


Jawbone UP24

It not only monitors your sleep but it knows when you sleep deeply and when you don’t. One feature the watch has is a vibration alarm that alerts you if you have been inactive for too long. Jawbone won’t link to your computer so you need a mobile device with Bluetooth connectivity. You will be using your smartphone frequently as the device does not have a display.

2. Basis Carbon Steel Edition
The Basis Carbon Steel Edition will bring joy to not only fitness geeks but tech geeks as well.


Basis Steel Edition

Priced at $199, it is the go to model for anyone who regularly runs or rides a bicycle. This device is so snazzy that it knows the difference between walking, running and bicycling. It will measure calories burned, and steps taken as well as a heart rate as it monitors your pulse during the day and night right through your skin. This incredible device measures perspiration, sleep and skin temperature. This is the device for the high-end wrist-worn wearers.

3. Fitbit Flex
Priced at approx. $99 the Fitbit Flex is a cheaper option to the high-end activity watches. It is cheaper but it’s still a full capable device.


Fitbit Flex

It doesn’t have a display and it won’t count the number of stairs you climb but it does have a removable tracker so that you can swap out the bracelet for a color change. It will sync to anything you have whether it be a computer, smartphone or tablet. Fitbit Flex has a sleep tracking option as well as silent wake alarms. Its line of trackers seems to be compatible with other apps and services and it has a Web dashboard to monitor your fitness.

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4. Fitbit One
Another inexpensive model priced at approx. $99, the Fitbit One has a pedometer that tracks the steps you take and the amount of stairs you climb. Not only that but it will track the distance you travelled, calories burned and the kind of sleep you had. It’s comfortable and discreet and has a display that is incredibly accurate.


Fitbit One

It has a silent wake alarm feature that vibrates at a time you set so that your alarm doesn’t wake up the person sleeping next to you. It costs less than other models but it also doesn’t have a heart rate monitor. You can track your health and body information at which will allow you to enter weight and what you have eaten as well as other activities that Fitbit can’t track such as bicycling.

5. Misfit Shine
This is a great looking watch as it’s small and stylish. You don’t have anything really bulky around your wrist. The great thing about the Misfit Shine is that it has three-axis accelerometer that you’re sure to love but make note that it doesn’t have an altimeter to count the stairs you climb.


Misfit Shine

The device knows the difference between running, swimming, walking and cycling. The device only works on mobile devices with an iOS app so if you don’t have a smartphone or tablet you may want to look at another activity tracker. Misfit Shine also doesn’t have a charger but the battery inside will last about four months.

6. Nike+ FuelBand SE
One of the more expensive brands, the Nike+ FuelBand SE is priced from approx. $99 to $270, which is dependent on size. It has a sporty design with a hard black bracelet that is home to a retro-chin feel with a really cool dot-matrix display that is invisible most of the time.


Nike+ FuelBand SE

The watch is sporty but its features are elegant. At the press of a discreet button this watch will cycle through your data such as calories burned, steps taken, the number of hours that you were active and something called “fuel” which is how Nike tracks activity. It won’t track distance or sleep or stairs and it’s only iOS on a mobile app but you can still plug it into a computer.

7. Samsung Gear Fit
The Samsung Gear Fit is a sexy activity tracker that can be combined with a Samsung phone.


Samsung Gear

Priced at approx. $199, this unique design gives you the best of both worlds, a fitness tracker with the convenience of a smart watch that not only gives you the typical fitness tracking features but also allows you to see incoming text messages on the display. It may not be the best model for the very active people as it can be difficult to use when jogging or cycling due to it’s sensitive touchscreen.

What fitness activity tracker do you own? Share your comments or questions below.