Top 9 Running Apps

Whether you are looking to train for your first 5k or run your tenth marathon, there are a large number of running apps available to help make your journey a little bit easier. From iPhone to Android, running apps log your time, distances and even provide training programs. Such apps are designed to help runners of all levels achieve their goals. Read on for the top 9 running apps for 2014.

Top 9 Running Apps

Here’s a look at the top 10 running apps available for 2014:

1. Endomondo
Endomondo is a very popular running community with a phone application that can track your running. Whether you are running, walking or even cycling, Endomondo tracks your duration, distance and speed as well as the number of calories you’ve burned while working out. Perhaps what makes Endomondo so popular is that you are able to link your Endomondo account to an external heart rate monitor and track your heart rate as you run.


Endomondo Running App

Endomondo also allows you to keep up with your friends’ progress. To take your running to the next level, an Endomondo Premium account gives you weather updates, various heart rate zones and allows you to set personal goals.

2. Runkeeper
Runkeeper is another favorite amongst the running (as well as cycling) community. Runkeeper is one of the first fitness apps developed for the Apple App Store and continues to get better year after year. With Runkeeper, you can set goals and the app will notify you when you have achieved your goals. Heart monitors are supported with Runkeeper.


RunKeeper App

Additionally, there is no need to keep checking your phone to see how much further you need to run or how long you’ve been running for. Runkeeper provides you with verbal cues throughout your runs. With the ability to link your account to Facebook, Runkeeper allows you to share your goals and achievements with your friends.

From the makers of PUMA athletic shoes and athletic wear, PUMATRAC includes a wide-variety of functions that makes it one of the more unique applications available; especially for a free app. With PUMATRAC, you can track your speed, distance, calories burned and even what the weather has in store for your run.



One of the benefits of PUMATRAC is that you can store the information from one run in the application. This allows you to easily recall how well you did on your last run and work to beat your last time. PUMATRAC also allows you to play music and link to social networking sites.

4. Exercise for PINK
Zen Labs has created an entire line of training programs from couch to 5k to a full marathon-training app for iPhone as well as Android. Some programs are free (but may ask for a donation) while other programs are available for minimal costs. If you are looking to train and run for a cause Exercise for PINK is for you. Five percent of all proceeds go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.


Exercise for Pink

These applications include week-by-week training programs that will take runners of any level to their next level. Voice cues tell you when you should be warming up, walking, running and cooling down. Connect this app with your Facebook or Twitter account to let your friends and followers see how you are progressing as a runner. The Couch to 5k program is especially helpful for those who are just beginning to run.

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5. Runtastic
Runtastic is an application that is GPS-based and especially focused on runners (no cycling allowed in this app). Not only does this application include a very reliable GPS system, but it also has a voice coach that provides you with verbal cues and motivation. Are you running in a new area for the first time? Detailed maps help to ensure that you are never lost.



If you do get lost, a pause button is available so that you can find your way without ruining your time. With Runtastic, you can play music and link your account to your social networking sites. As an added bonus, with the Pro version, you can sync the app to iCloud.

6. Nike+ Running
If you are a fan of Nike running shoes and other Nike running gear, this app is likely to be a big hit with you. Nike+ Running uses GPS technology as well as an accelerometer to help track your run.


Nike+ Running

Additionally, you can go head to head with other using the Nike+ Running app to see who can go the further and at the best pace. The Power Song feature allows you to listen to music and provides you with that added boost of motivation needed to cross the finish line.

7. MapMyRun
MapMyRun is an application that focuses mainly on tracking the route you take as you run. That’s that the only thing MapMyRun is good for though. With MapMyRun, you can also keep track of your distance, elevation, calories and your nutrition on a daily basis. MapMyRun stores your information so that you can go back and review your routes as well as your nutrition information on other days.



MapMyRun is also helpful in estimating how much you should eat as well as how much water you should be consuming on a daily basis. Use MapMyRun to see where your friends are running to as well.

8. Get Running (Couch to 5k)
Get running is app that is specifically targeted to beginners. This app provides beginner runners with specific training regimens over a 9 week time period.



The end goal of using Get Running is to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping. Audio prompts take beginner runners through each workout and even provide encouraging words along the way.

9. Interval Run
Interval Run is the perfect application for runners who like to keep their workouts new and exciting. Interval provides you with, you guessed it, interval-training options.


Interval Run

Training plans include One Hour Program, Tabata, Couch to 5k and Gateway to 8k. Voice cues tell you exactly what to do and when you should be doing it.

What running apps for 2014 will you be using?