Top Watches for Runners

In this blog post, we look at some of the top watches for runners from some of the leading manufacturers of sports watches designed for avid runners and elite athletes. Today, some of the best running watches feature everything from GPS tracking to heart rate monitoring. Such features are available on more of the expensive running watches but most top watches for runners feature the ability to track running distances, speed and calories burned. Read more to learn more about our top 5 watches for runners.

Top Watches for Runners

If you want to take your running seriously, investing in a running watch can help you monitor and track your running performance. Whether your running purpose is to lose weight, improve fitness or beat your personal best times, a running sports watch can help you achieve such goals. In no particular order, here are our top 5 watches for runners:

1. Garmin Forerunner 305
The Garmin Forerunner 305 is one of the most popular GPS sports watch for runners available on the market today. The Forerunner 305 is packed with many advanced tracking functions such as speed, pace, distance, calories, heart rate and GPS tracking. With big buttons and user-friendly menu system, the Garmin 305 is very easy to use and makes reading your running statistics in most conditions a breeze.

top watches for runners: Garmin Forerunner 305 Watch

Garmin Forerunner 305 Watch

With over 2,200 positive reviews on alone, Garmin have made one of the best running watches available for runners with the Forerunner 305 model. For a more in-depth look, you can read our Garmin Forerunner 305 review.

2. Nike+ SportWatch GPS
When we reviewed the Nike+ SportWatch GPS, we loved the slim and stylish design that most runners can happily wear in most conditions. The sports watch from Nike is very easy to use and features a user-friendly menu system. Featuring built-in GPS technology from TomTom, the running watch provides fast accurate speed and distance tracking.


Ready for another run?

We specifically loved the personal coaching features of the Nike+ sports watch that helps keep runners motivated. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery also provides up to 8 hours of run time or 50 hours of standby time. This is more than enough for most runners meaning you won’t need to charge it that often (depending on how often you use it).

3. Motorola MOTOACTV GPS Sports Watch
The MOTOACTV Sports Watch from Motorola is a GPS fitness tracker that features a heart rate monitor and a smart MP3 player that learns what types of songs can motivate you the most. With the built-in GPS unit, runners can easily track their route, which you can upload and share on MOTOACTV training portal. This is great for monitoring your performance to see if you’re improving or not.


Motorola MOTOACTV Sports Watch

The Motorola MOTOACTV Sports Watch can help you track your speed, time, distance, calories burned and heart rate (separate accessory), which is great for avid runners, walkers and cyclists. The best feature of the MOTOACTV sports watch is the smart MP3 player that learns what songs motivate you the most by measuring your performance against your music list. So if your running performance is better against a particular song, the smart MP3 player will play those types of songs more often so you can perform better (very cool and useful).

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4. Garmin Forerunner 410
Here is another popular sports watch from Garmin in the form of the Forerunner 410. The Garmin 410 is little less bulky than the Forerunner 305 but still features many of the advanced features that makes Garmin popular such as GPS tracking that accurately records your pace, time, distances, heart rate and elevation.


Garmin Forerunner 410

The best feature of the Garmin 410 is the unique touch bezel that allows you to quickly scroll and select relevant modes. This is great if you want to easily select and change modes on the fly when you’re out running.

5. Timex Men’s T53151 Ironman Triathlon
If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive running sports watch, you should consider Timex T53151 Ironman Triathlon Watch. The Timex T53151 features 30-lap memory recall, Indiglo display feature and comfortable polyurethane adjustable strap.


Timex T53151 Ironman Trialthlon Sports Watch

The Timex T53151 also features a 100-hour chronograph, 24-hour countdown timer and a 99-lap counter. You can easily set daily alarms to get you running on a routine basis and with a water resistance of up to 100 meters (330 feet), the Timex T53151 is perfect for most outdoor conditions.

Before you start to shop for running watches, think of what you need it to do. It all depends on your personal running goals and how much you need it for your training. The more complex your training schedule is then the more advanced your sports watch needs to be. Find a running watch that makes training easier and has all the features and functions you need to achieve your running goals.

If you spend a little more money and buy a running watch with all the latest features, take the time to learn everything it is capable of doing. So many people do not take the time to read the manual thoroughly and end up not realizing the true potential of their sports watch. A great sports watch designed for runners that has all the latest features is a worthwhile investment if you want to take your running more seriously.

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