Vibram Five Fingers Vs Running Shoes

So you’re an avid runner and currently comparing Vibram Five Fingers Vs Running shoes. Everyone’s first reaction when they see the new web toed shoes like the Vibram Five Finger running shoes usually includes a comment about how unusual they look. Wearing shoes that look so noticeably different are bound to get attention from curious onlookers but their health benefits are worth any awkward stares you may get when wearing them in public. Odds are that their stares are actually looks of envy. Read more to compare shoes like Vibram Five Fingers Vs Running Shoes.

Vibram Five Fingers Vs Running Shoes

Running shoes such as the five finger running shoes are designed to fit your foot’s natural curves and by allowing your body to feel more connected to your feet. You can feel the ground beneath you with each step giving you greater sense of how your run is affecting your entire body.

Our feet were designed for walking and running without shoes and that is the idea behind barefoot running shoes such as the Vibram five finger running shoes. It takes barefoot running to another level and gives it a bit of extra cushion and comfort.

Vibram Five Fingers Vs. Running Shoes

Vibram Five Fingers

There is a scientific reason why we have five toes in a web-form fashion. Our feet contain 52 bones, 66 joints, 40 muscles, and hundreds of sensory receptors, tendons, and ligaments designed to absorb shocks and support our body weight. These tiny components collectively work together to give you the support, balance and strength necessary to carry your body when it needs to go.

Vibram Five Fingers Vs. Running Shoes


There is an adjustment period when you first start wearing the five finger web toed style of running shoes. The shoes will become more comfortable as your feet and lower legs increase in strength and mobility. Any time a runner tries a new pair of shoes, it takes some mileage running them in before your body and feet adjust to their unique shape. It is always a good idea to walk or plan a short jog when you first try to break in a new pair of running shoes.

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When you run in traditional running shoes, you land heel first which is hard on your ankle and knee joints. The web toed shoes make your foot function the way it was intended to function and you land on your toes instead of on your heel. Studies have found that the toe first running technique strengthens your ankles and feet by toning your leg muscles more than traditional running shoes. Barefoot types of running shoes also improve posture and balance while you are running which help eliminate back and hip pain.

Barefoot running might just be the new thing right now but it is one that is worth trying if you currently experience issues with your heels, back or hips. Runners who previously stopped running due to injuries have discovered that shoes like the Vibram five finger running shoes actually helps in strengthening your foot and legs muscles and reducing injuries.

If you love to run and curious then running shoes such as the Vibram Five Fingers are worth a try. When people give you that odd questioning look, just tell them you are letting your toes lead the way for a change of pace.

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