Why Running Is Good For Your Mind

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As time goes by, people may complain about getting old. They are unable to find their car keys and recall a friend’s name during conversation. They presume age is taking its toll.  And that’s where they are wrong. It’s not the age that is aging you but your lifestyle. Running regularly can help.

Age is only a number. A thirty year old can start worrying about wrinkles and bulging belly, and a fifty year old can find himself as smart and active as he was in his early twenties. It all depends on how you have lived your life. Read more on why running is good for your mind.

Why Running Is Good For Your Mind

If you have cornered yourself, and all you do after work is sit on a sofa and watch television then you are not unwinding but adding on your stress. Your brain is slowly dying away as you sit there and watch the football match. Get up and start exercising.

While any exercise is better than sitting on a couch, the workout that gives you maximum benefit is the one that engages all your muscles and pumps up your heart rate. The more intense the exercise, the more oxygen and blood will circulate through your body. For this article, we discuss the benefits of running.


Running can improve the mind

It’s often accepted that brain tissues can begin to deteriorate with age. As you actively run more, new nerve cells can develop, increasing your learning and memory by as much as 2%. And since oxygen rich blood is circulating through your body, the newly grown cells can receive the nourishment they need.

Running improves the transmission of signals in the caudate nucleus, an important part of the brain’s learning and memory system. This promises a strong memory bank and the blessing of finding your car keys no matter where you threw them the night before.

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It has been discovered that people can experience depression when their cells begin to die. To encourage the growth of new cells, doctors might often prescribe medication. Why depend on an artificial cure when there’s a natural treatment available?

Running enables your mind to throw out all the junk that it has been holding. It can lower your stress levels and can make you think more clearly. The negative thoughts that have been hovering around in your mind can vanish as you begin to run. Running has been termed as the new age’s anti-depressant.

The focus and concentration required in running can also help improve your cognitive functions. Changing intensity levels, altering routes, and playing around recovery times has a great impact on the brain. It demands coordination between different functions keeping your brain active and fresh.

Running early in the morning prepares you for the day. It spikes up brain activity enabling you to retain new information and improve the problem-solving part of the brain. It is also your shield against unnecessary stresses of the day. The new brain cells will take care of whatever hindrance comes your way.

Want to know something scary? You can’t build new cells when you have reached your adulthood. Giving as little as twenty minutes to running can help you live longer and help relax your mind. Cardiovascular exercise is also the best form physical activity for your heart. Anything that is good for the heart is also good for the brain. Run, strengthen your learning and memory and keep depression and dementia away.

Has running improved your mind? Share your experience with us below.